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Your Charging Infrastructure Specialist

We are your partner across Europe for installation and service

If you need reliable charging infrastructure then you’re in the best hands 

When it comes to cutting emissions in the transport industry, eMobility is an essential part of the green energy revolution. We’ve been rethinking energy for the last 25 years and can offer you solutions that simplify the switch to eMobility. Whether you run a chain, a public utility, a private business with its own fleet or a property company, our specialists will provide you with comprehensive assistance and advice on installing and servicing your own charging infrastructure. We are your go-to partner across Europe for all things eMobility. 

We are taking eMobility to the next level

We can offer the perfect service for your charging infrastructure, whether it concerns a one-off solution or an all-inclusive service package. As your go-to partner across Europe, we will support you in all phases of your project: From local on-site analysis and a comprehensive consultation, through installation and configuration, right up to service and maintenance. Our Europe-wide presence with local project managers and service technicians is entirely for your benefit, as our expertise means we are ideally placed to deliver your charging infrastructure on time and to the highest quality. 

"Investments in charging infrastructure are part of our sustainable corporate strategy. As with all assets we invest in, we have high quality standards. The smooth operation of the charging parks is of great importance to us. The independent and comprehensive acceptance test by supports us in this and provides the necessary security."
says Mathias Erl, the responsible project manager at LHI Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH.

    Overview of our services

    From project planning and choosing the best charging station through to servicing – we cover all areas of charging infrastructure to support you in building your own charging network. 

    • Professional site analysis 
    • One point of contact for efficient project planning 
    • Hardware to meet specific requirements (quick charging, standard charging, wallboxes)
    • All construction services associated with your charging infrastructure
    • Consultation with energy suppliers and start up operations 
    • Experienced specialists in the eMobility sector 
    • Europe-wide network of project managers and technicians 
    • Servicing of charging stations including maintenance and repairs 
    • Independent inspection of your charging stations
    • Holistic solutions for your energy supply 

    Bespoke charging solutions from a single source

    Whether you are looking to electrify your company fleet, build a charging hub or prepare your parking spaces for the electric future, we can offer you the advice and support you need when it comes to the installation and servicing of your charging infrastructure. 

    We work with various manufacturers to offer you modular AC and DC solutions that suit all requirements. As a premium partner of Alpitronic, you have the option of ordering your individual charging station from us in three simple steps via our configurator: configure your design, place your order and start charging!

    The steps to your new charging infrastructure

    • Step 1: we advise you on the selection of suitable hardware and software - tailored to your requirements.
    • Step 2: a qualified electrician carries out a pre-inspection of the site so that we can submit an offer for the turnkey implementation of your project.
    • Step 3: our partner network deals with the groundwork and civil engineering work.
    • Step 4: the electrical work we undertake includes laying cables, planning control and distribution cabinets, and installing the charging infrastructure. We are also happy to take care of the coordination and registration with the distribution grid operator. 
    • Step 5: this is followed by configuration and commissioning as well as detailed documentation and instruction. 
    • Step 6: we then provide regular maintenance and service in the event of a fault to ensure the best possible charging availability.

    Our service in action

    We don’t abandon you after the handover of your charging infrastructure, either – we provide you with comprehensive maintenance and servicing in case of fault. Our decentralised network allows us to offer our service throughout Europe with local project managers and service technicians. Quick, effective and professional: 

    Our services


    We work in compliance with German calibration law (known as Eichrecht). In the case of repairs necessitated through damage, we also take care of calibration measurements to eliminate the need for testing by another service provider. We even carry our own stock of spare parts to keep outage time to a minimum for your charging station.

    Regular maintenance

    Regular servicing increases the availability of charging stations and ensures a long service life. When it comes to the maintenance of your charging hub, we focus on your needs and ensure outage time is kept to a minimum – ask us anything and we’ll be happy to discuss!

    Proactive upgrades/conversions

    Always at the cutting edge. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we always have our finger on the pulse of the very latest updates and innovations. This is what allows us to take a proactive approach when it comes to offering you improvements.

    DGUV V3 Test

    Our technicians are trained electricians who carry out the legally prescribed DGUV V3 electrical test for your charging stations.

    24/7 service

    Our service team takes care of your project around the clock. Whether through remote access or on-site visits, our rapid response times promise straightforward troubleshooting.

    Your service packages

    We can offer you a comprehensive service from a single source. Select your bespoke service package. Whatever it is you’re looking for, we’ve got it covered.


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    Regular maintenance x x x
    Proactive upgrades/ retrofitting x x x
    DGUV V3 inspection x x x
    Emergency number (available 24/7) x x
    Active remote monitoring x
    Billing service x
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