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Reliable Plant Operation with BayWa r.e.

Our qualified service technicians are by your side as quickly as possible

To overview

Regional presence, fast reactions

Our decentralised organisation and comprehensive caretaker concept means we can cover a large area and can arrive on site quickly. Your solar plants and wind farms are never far away thanks to our service teams scattered throughout Germany.

Regular inspections and maintenance are carried out in accordance with legal requirements and technical standards. When planning, checking and carrying out our work, we always act in the interest of our operators and investors.  

We have been paperless for years. Thanks to our BayWa r.e. service app, logs and reports can be created directly on-site using a mobile phone. Both field-based technicians and office-based project managers have real-time access to the same database. This ensures sustainable plant optimisation without the need for workarounds. 

Services for medium voltage:

From testing DGUV V3 and protection devices to switching systems and transformers, we cover all aspects of medium-voltage maintenance. Our service technicians can switch up to 36 KV, and those trained for high voltages can switch up to 110 KV.

  • Carrying out statutory electrical tests such as DGUV V3 for PV plants and wind farms
  • Implementing network protection tests
  • Installing, maintaining, testing and repairing switching systems and transformer stations from a variety of manufacturers (eg. Siemens, SGB, Schneider Electric)
  • Carrying out protection tests with the latest measurement technology from Omicron
  • Switching operations up to 110 KV
  • Assuming entire plant responsibility for the duration of the works
  • Logging workflow digitally using the BayWa r.e. service app 

OnSite services:

Our OnSite services cover all areas of the installed technology, thereby ensuring your plants run smoothly. 

  • Regularly inspecting technical equipment, including the use of drones and infrared images
  • Testing and maintaining compact transformer systems and transfer stations
  • Swift on-site troubleshooting, including managing appointments and deadlines through regional service employees 
  • Implementing prescribed standards (e.g. DIN VDE 0105-100)
  • Carrying out thermographic investigations, as well as characteristic curve and insulation measurements
  • Assuming plant responsibility
  • Repairing and maintaining all common switching systems
  • Data connection with our own SCADA specialists
  • Documenting plant and work responsibility
  • Generating reports, including recommended actions for correcting errors

We would be happy to meet with you to demonstrate our know-how and show you how you can benefit from our services.

Ongoing maintenance for successful operation

For your photovoltaic plant

Alongside maintaining and servicing your photovoltaic plants, we offer additional services. From assembly, testing and analysis through to spare parts, we can offer you a complete package from a single source.

  • Assembly

    Whether it’s in an open space or on the roof, our experienced team will install your photovoltaic plant. Correct assembly, taking into account the inclination and orientation of the modules, has a significant influence on the yield. You can rely on our many years of experience.

  • Spare parts

    An extensive BayWa r.e. warehouse allows us to deliver the required spare parts reliably and within the shortest possible time. 

  • Testing & analysis

    If required, we can randomly apply the electroluminescence method. This allows us to detect micro damage that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you want to ensure the quality of your modules quickly and cost-effectively, just ask!

  • Laboratory

    Thanks to our in-house laboratory and test fields, we can test the performance of your solar panels. Regardless of the weather, we can identify hotspots and micro-cracks in the silicon cells and uncover other weak points. This increases your module’s operational lifespan and provides you with peace of mind as to its performance.


    Greater IT security for your plants

    Is your plant protected from attacks by hackers and cyber criminals? If not, we have the perfect solution for you. With BayWa r.e. SystemSafe, you increase not only the security but also the availability of your photovoltaic plant or wind park. Learn more about SystemSafe

    Looking for a new professional challenge? Click here to learn more about working with the BayWa r.e. on-site service team.


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