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Convincing Performance in Rotor Blade Servicing

For optimum performance throughout the entire life cycle

To overview

Rotor blade servicing: experience and know-how

Wide ranging developments in the wind energy market call for service concepts that are focused on technological developments – without neglecting optimum efficiency.
We are a leading service provider for the wind energy sector. The range of services we offer our customers draws on extensive experience and technical expertise.


Services with a quality seal

As a respected rotor blade full service provider, BayWa r.e. has been certified by Germanischer Lloyd (today DNV GL) as a repairer of fibre composite components since 2000.

All work is executed in compliance with the demanding specification of DNV GL, detailed by material certificates and documentation. This translates into seamlessly certified safety without compromise. Our independent reports are accepted by manufacturers, insurers and planning authorities alike.

We guarantee consistently high quality to our customers. Our quality management system has been certified to EN ISO 9001:2008 since 2012. Since 2016, our energy management system has also been certified to EN ISO 50001:2011. The health and safety of our employees is being taken into account in all decision-making processes of our company. This is reflected in our certification according to DIN EN ISO 45001, which we received in 2018.

  • Inspection

    Inspections for a trouble-free future

    Blade damage is best detected by routine inspections, accompanied by detailed technical records. This enables specific repairs to be agreed with manufacturers, insurers and operators, and carried out before the warranty period expires. A regular inspection of lightning protection systems is also essential and required by insurers, as lightning strikes are among the most frequent causes of downtime.

    Individual services that form part of regular inspections:

    • Checking the blade shells and inner blade body
    • Checking the tip mechanism (where installed)
    • Checking the blade flanges/joints to the hub and the aerodynamic elements
    • Checking the lightning protection system
    • Damage documentation with extensive pictorial backup
    • Damage analysis and technical assessments
  • Maintenance

    Maintenance for long-term value retention

    As part of the routine maintenance of rotor blades, our staff will advise you in detail as to what specific steps your system requires to safeguard its operation at the best possible efficiency and to retain its value in the long term.

    You can then determine whether standalone services, or comprehensive service with a maintenance contract, would suit you best. As an option, any faults can usually be remedied on-site straight away, avoiding the additional costs entailed with another repair job and site visit.

    Did you know: experts and insurers recommend two-yearly inspection intervals.

    Our services:

    • Routine maintenance as a standalone service
    • Complete maintenance and care contracts
    • Maintenance and care services tailored to individual customer requirements, including comprehensive documentation
    • Detailed comprehensive maintenance records
  • Surface care

    Preservation for economical long-term protection

    Many different environmental influences, long operating times and high tip speeds demand a lot from rotor blades of all classes.
    Dirt and damage resulting from the high stresses and harsh conditions rotor blades are subjected to, result in reduced performance. According to investigations by the German Wind Energy Institute (DEWI), output reductions of up to 1.5 percent are the regular result of blade contamination alone.

    The solution: sealing has been proven to prevent frost damage on the surface. We carry out surface cleaning and sealing for you.

  • Repairs on site

    Minimum downtime – irrespective of make and turbine size

    Independent of the output categories of various manufacturers, we guarantee a rapid and perfect repair of damaged rotor blades. All repair procedures and materials are chosen specifically for the rotor blade type concerned.

    Following repairs, an erosion protection system should be applied to the leading edges of rotor blades which are subject to considerable loads, to provide effective long-term protection: another service we can provide for you.

    Also worth noting: our repair services are certified and carried out in accordance with the specifications of DN VGL.

    On-site rotor blade repair services:

    • State of the art access technology via rope, access platform and cherry picker
    • Cleaning and sealing of the rotor blade surface with special wax
    • Repair and maintenance of the mechanical systems of the blade tip brake
    • Repair of surface and structural damage resulting from operating conditions
    • Repair of lightning protection systems
    • Overhaul and reconstruction of rotor blade components after lightning strike
    • Application of signal coatings
    • Installation and repair of erosion protection systems
    • Installation of aerodynamic components and upgrades
  • Repairs at the factory

    Repair of complex rotor blade damage under cover

    Complex rotor blade repairs, reconstruction of damaged rotor blade parts or extensive structural retrofitting measures are often not possible if the blade is in situ. In this case, our BayWa r.e. Rotor Service GmbH facility has more than 50,000 square metres of available space in repair workshops.

    Repairs of excellent quality

    The rotor blades are stored under stress-free and vibration-free conditions, which is essential for being able to repair even those structural components which are subject to considerable loads. The result: repairs of excellent quality.

    Economic efficiency

    The ability to access several repair locations at the same time allows an efficient workflow. The result: short repair times and minimised downtimes.

    Scope of services at the factory

    • Manufacturer-independent service provider
    • Repair of all rotor blade types
    • High availability of repair materials and spare parts
    • Stress-free and vibration-free storage under ideal climatic conditions
    • All common repair methods used
    • Full reconstruction of destroyed rotor blade components
    • Completion of complex structural retrofitting measures
    • Large scale heat curing of repairs
    • Partial and complete paint application of the highest quality
    • Application of erosion protection systems
    • Installation of comprehensive aerodynamic component systems
    • Re-establishing torque equilibrium
  • Storage

    Storage capacities for large dimensions

    Our Basdahl facility in Lower Saxony enjoys ideal infrastructure links between Hamburg and Bremen and offers optimum storage capacities for rotor blades, used wind turbines and other components. On a plot of some 50,000 square metres with 7,300 square metres of covered warehousing, we can store renovated replacement blade sets on your behalf, ready to be transported  to the relevant wind farm with our own heavy haulage vehicles, where they can be put to use immediately.

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