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Our Tailored Support Concept for Your Solar Plant

To overview

We value service – and always have

As an experienced full-service provider, we offer solar plant operators the entire range of services – modular on request or also as a complete package.

We place the security and economic viability of your investment at the centre of our activities. We assign a project manager to you, so that you always have the same contact person for any queries. Our control centre, which is in constant contact with the on-site service teams and maintains an overview of everything, provides the support necessary to ensure that all technical requirements for the reliable operation of your plant are fulfilled. Tailor-made software tools enable us to execute tasks fast and efficiently. We have a strong local presence to offer global services for your solar energy plants.

Proof of our customers' satisfaction: in the solar energy sector, we currently support and provide technical operations management for more than 800 projects for banks, insurance companies, international and well respected investment companies, as well as community energy cooperatives – in more than 17 countries in Europe, as well as Australia, Africa, Central America and the USA. Due to our dynamic growth, we continuously tap into new markets. Also, in those, where the expansion of solar energy is still at the beginning, such as Romania or Zambia.

We exploit the full potential of your solar plant

Proximity to our customers means everything to us

Professional project management, centralised monitoring, on-site service teams, and proven processes and structures work together to ensure your solar plant always works at high availability and with optimised yields. To achieve this, BayWa r.e. assigns a contact person to you who will deal with all your concerns and provide reliable, professional, and tailored support whenever you need it.

Speaking of personal support, being close to our customers is very important to us, and not just in our daily work. This is why we also promote additional opportunities to get together at regular meetings and events.

Our services for your solar plant at a glance:

  • Comprehensive technical project management of your solar park
  • Performance management
  • IT security and reliable plant communications
  • HSE management
  • Operating data analysis, technical assessments and ongoing reporting
  • 24/7 monitoring by our control centres in Munich and Bangkok
  • Thermal imaging (using drones) and I-V curve measurement
  • Processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases
  • Maintenance, repairs and regular inspections
  • Interface to commercial operations management, energy trading with energy supply utilities and grid operators
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