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We Take on Responsibility for Your Wind Project

To overview

With us, your yields are secure

We optimize the yields of your wind farm and take care of all legal and technical requirements for an economical operation. As an experienced service provider, we offer operators and investors future-proof and comprehensive operational management of wind farms. We assume risks that are within our sphere of influence and proactively take care of the increasingly complex requirements for the operation of your plant, for example bat and red kite deactivation.

Example of yield increase through bat deactivation in Saarland


In the Saarland wind farm comprising of three Nordex wind turbines, we reduced yield losses by 54% through bat deactivation optimization. In this way, we achieved an annual yield increase of >1%, which already amounts to about 14,000 € per year in that wind farm.

Adolpho Heidenreich, Team Leader Project Manager Wind national

Operational management of tomorrow, today

Our long-term experience and continuous development of innovative system solutions allow us to think outside the box: Our technical operations management offers more than just the standard. We take care of compliance with legal obligations using customized monitoring tools, actively adjust parameters to optimize yields and act preventively to eliminate possible yield losses before they occur.
Due to our company size and structure, we have the possibility to assign specialists for these tasks. 
See for yourself!

Overview of our services

  • Yield optimization, bat and red kite deactivation
  • Repowering
  • Takeover of operator plant responsibility according to DIN VDE 0105-100
  • Risk assessment of your wind farm
  • IT-Security
  • Ongoing site quality assessment (TR10)
  • Medium-voltage maintenance
  • DGUV V3 testing
  • 24/7 control center monitoring
  • Cable information

Laws change - we adapt your plant operations

Takeover of operator plant responsibility

When you entrust us with the operator plant responsibility, we fulfil all operating obligations according to DIN VDE 0105-100 for you. In addition, we provide a comprehensive risk assessment of your wind farm.


We have implemented a certified information security management system (ISMS) for wind farms that meets the KritisV-requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security - so we can protect your plant data.

Optimization of bird deactivations

Wind farm operators also must comply with many requirements in terms of bird protection. For example, turbines must be switched off at certain times to protect birds like the red kite. As we can carry out the deactivations ourselves, your turbines are not turned off for an extended time - but precisely adapted to the flight times of the red kite.

Your plant is running well? - it can be even better

Yield optimization

We actively take care of increasing the energy yield of your wind farm. For example, we can reduce yield losses by over 50% through targeted optimisation of the legally required bat shutdown.  

Our specially developed BayWa r.e. InSite software indicates optimisation potential in various areas. The optimisation can then be carried out by adjusting parameters or retrofitting hardware. BayWa r.e. InSite also analyses the performance of your operating data on an ongoing basis and enables the identification of underperformance of individual wind turbines. At the same time, BayWa r.e. InSite monitors licensing requirements for noise reduction as well as bat, shadow and sector shutdown, always with a view to licensing compliance as well as yield-optimised operation. In addition, BayWa r.e. InSite includes TR10 site quality monitoring, which keeps you permanently informed about your potential repayments to or reimbursements from the grid operator.   

We also have comprehensive knowledge of all turbine types: From Nordex to Enercon and Vestas to Siemens Gamesa - our experts have many years of experience with machines from all common manufacturers.   

Future-proof operation - we act with foresight

Site quality assessment

We have an ongoing overview of the site quality, which gives you the opportunity to continuously adjust your provisions. In addition, we can conduct the 5-yearly site quality assessment (TR10) for you, with our accredited partner.

Cable information

We protect your cables from structural damage, which is more at risk than ever due to nationwide civil engineering measures, such as in connection with the expansion of the fibre optic network. By registering your cable route in the cable information portal, construction companies can query and plan the position of underground cables free of charge. In this way, we can protect your wind farm from possible yield losses due to damaged cables and the civil engineers from life-threatening dangers.


    Protection of animals on wind farms

    Bats are threatened with extinction in Germany and are therefore under special protection, which among other things includes the operation of wind farms. We would be happy to advise you on how you can increase your yields despite overnight turbine shutdowns, while still protecting beneficial organisms. 


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