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Comprehensive Consulting and Engineering: You Can Rely on Us

To overview

We provide a broad spectrum of expert technical and engineering advisory services to assist you in acquiring, funding or executing your own projects. We also offer ongoing operation and maintenance services for your plants.

Technical consulting

Consulting and owner's engineering

Our work is underpinned by many years of experience in wind energy, photovoltaics, grid connection and sector coupling. We can assist you in acquiring or funding projects, with technical testing through to fully comprehensive due diligence. We help you manage your projects – by providing professional technical management accounting, supporting you with optimisations and any technical matters that arise and, at the appropriate time, with an assessment of your plant’s repowering potential. We use thermographic surveys to evaluate the condition of your photovoltaic systems and electronic equipment.

This is why cooperatives, community energy cooperatives, public utilities and energy providers, international banks, investment companies and institutional investors have relied on our expertise for many years.

Planning of wind farms and PV power plants

From tendering through to completion – we engineer the process with you

Whether it’s wind parks or ground-mounted and rooftop solar installations, we support you all the way – from the initial idea through to the realisation of your project. Also including all matter of grid connection.

We provide the building blocks for both complex and straightforward projects. We take care of everything, including feasibility studies, approval planning and scheduling the engineering works using professional 3D CAD software.

With our many years of expertise, we can also support you with tendering and contract negotiations. We prepare and follow up on approval applications.

Our project management service ensures everything runs smoothly. And if you need extra input, we can also manage all of the construction work and quality assurance until acceptance.

Planning,consulting and optimization for biogas plants

We are always on hand to assist and advise you on all aspects of your biogas plant, whether technical or remuneration based optimization or getting prepared for the sale of biofuel certified biomethane. We are a reliable partner on matters of health & safety, helping you operate your plant in line with approvals. Benefit from our many years of biogas experience.

Wind yield assessments and LIDAR measurements

Determine your precise wind potential

With the backing of our DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, we can support you in all matters concerning the yield potential of your project.

Wind measurements are the most reliable method to determine the local wind potential. LiDAR technology is a recognised procedure according to FGW-TR-6 and provides reliable results over the entire height profile – up to 200m and beyond. With an autonomous power supply, it can be carried out at any location and enables:

  • Development of a site-optimised measurement programme
  • Determination of the local wind resource, even in complex terrain
  • Measurement of the height profile
  • Measurement for power curve analysis and performance optimisation

A yield report should form the basis of investment decisions. Taking into account the FGW-TR6/MEASNET guidelines, we offer wind yield reports worldwide:

  • Preparation of raw data from wind measurements or operational data
  • Wind field modelling with WAsP and three-dimensional flow models (CFD)
  • Determination of flicker losses
  • Determination of reduced yields (icing, noise-reduced operation, bat shutdown, etc.)
  • Analysis of uncertainties of the yield prognosis
  • Calculation of expected energy yield (p50 gross, p50 net) and exceedance probability (p75, p90, p99)
  • Calculation of site quality according to EEG

Our services are rounded off by:

  • Noise emission expert reports
  • Flicker reports
  • Evaluation of existing yield reports
  • Site classification and determination of WTG class
  • Advice on selection of suitable wind turbines and optimised configuration of the turbine sites 

Energy yield assessment for photovoltaics

Based on proven data sources and models, we provide irradiation and energy yield assessments for any system configurations – from rooftop systems to PV power plants in the 100 MW class:

  • Selection of appropriate meteorological data sets from surface observation stations and weather satellites (irradiation and temperature)
  • Analysis of the system design (power ratio, current and voltage configuration, MPP range) taking the planned service life into consideration
  • Precise modelling of the PV system, including all electro-technical components and grid connections
  • Detailed shade surveys
  • Consideration of local conditions (e.g. snow, reflections, and soiling)
  • Electrical loss calculation
  • Detailed simulation of inverter limitation losses
  • Definition of technical adversities and safety issues
  • Uncertainty analysis
  • Determination of the expected energy yield, taking into consideration the annual fluctuation range and the probability of exceeding this

For systems that are in operation, analyses of the operating data provide valuable findings while taking the actual irradiation (ex-post analysis) into consideration.

If the system’s yield is lower than expected, a detailed analysis of system performance will provide helpful insights. For this purpose, we have developed our own software tools which enable us to conduct data analysis at the lowest monitoring level – even for utility scale systems. Our efficient method provides reliable insight on the causes of lower yields.

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