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Revamping and Repowering Solar Plants for a Better Performance

Replacing and updating old hardware is a cost-effective way to restore solar power projects to their peak performance. Boost production, cut maintenance costs and extend your facility’s lifespan. BayWa r.e. guarantees a quality service and full commitment throughout your entire revamping or repowering project, relying on the skills and experience of our engineering team. 

Renew your plants, not your permits

When you undertake the Revamping or Repowering of a solar plant, you don’t need to renew all your permits which simplifies the process and speeds up the delivery. 

You benefit from the engineering, procurement, and construction processes being focused solely on the efficient replacement of defective or underperforming components. 

With newer high performing technologies replacing the old technology, ground surface can be reduced for the same installed capacity. Alternatively, it will free up more space to install further capacity or add new technologies such as energy storage.

New German laws are great news for solar park owners

German energy security act EnSig-Novelle 3.0 creates a compelling business case for Revamping and Repowering. Putting German projects on a level footing with other major EU countries is creating huge opportunities for investors and developers.

Revamping in Europe

Revamping vs Repowering

Revamping returns an ageing solar plant to its original capacity. Repowering goes one better and improves the original asset’s capacity. German law makes Revamping easier, but Repowering is still an attractive choice for many projects.

Let BayWa r.e. experts guide you to the best tailor-made solution for your needs.

Partnering with BayWa r.e.

When you team with us to undertake the Revamping or Repowering of your solar plant, you work with experienced engineers from our world-leading and technical operations department:

  • Feel the benefit of decades spent at the forefront of asset management, plant operation and the maintenance of solar PV assets.
  • With dozens of completed Revamping and Repowering projects across many countries we are perfectly placed to support your project.
  • Through BayWa r.e.’s global supply network and our relationship with the very best equipment suppliers, you have access to the latest technologies for best-in-class PV plant upgrading under full compliance with HSE regulations.
  • You will receive total support for the entire duration of your project: after evaluating your plant thoroughly we engineer a tailormade solution. Our work includes the delivery of all materials and the installation through to the final commissioning of the plant. 
  • As part of our sustainability and circularity goals we naturally take care of the handling of decommissioned equipment.
  • Working with us will improve the financial performance of your assets, restoring their performance and increasing the energy yield to generate positive cash flow.


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