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Your Successful Entry into the World of Biogas with BayWa r.e.

We support you in the development of your biogas project.

To overview

Engineering, consulting and assessment: we are the biogas experts

One of our key strengths is the project planning of biogas and biomethane plants. We are your reliable partner from the initial feasibility analysis through to approval planning, engineering production information and preparing for construction. Our expertise covers all aspects of process engineering, from raw materials processing and biogas production to biogas upgrading and injection.

Currently, we are developing new projects in Italy in cooperation with the company Alvus

Feasibility study

The availability of raw materials, possible application areas for fermentation products, the suitability of an area of land for the biogas plant and the issue of power and gas grid connection are checked as part of the feasibility analysis. We develop a suitable plant concept, covering the issues of energy usage and digestate treatment, and coordinate the basic approval processes with the relevant authorities. We can then determine a timeline and an estimate of costs and returns to act as a guideline for initial discussions with banks and investors.

Site development

Preliminary and option contracts secure raw materials, application areas and the land for the biogas plant itself. We then secure the connection to the mains supply. As part of a tendering process that is manufacturer-neutral, selected equipment suppliers submit provisional offers (including consumption data and maintenance concepts). We develop, submit and track the approval applications to the authorities.

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