BioRecs – Optimise Your Success with This Smart Database

To overview

BioRecs is a smart information software for the centralised collection and analysis of your plant data.

  • Mobile access to plant data – in real time
  • Analysis and optimisation with big data
  • All data stored in audit-proof format

BioRecs allows you to collect all your plant data, manual entries, biological data, etc. in a single, central location. Create automated reports for yourself, your colleagues, clients or service providers. Generate your operating log digitally, saving valuable time every day.

Data analysis tools allow you to evaluate historical data, identify your plant’s future needs and reduce downtime. BioRecs can be precisely tailored to your daily workload, regardless of whether you are a portfolio manager, plant manager or system service provider.

BioRecs is the ideal big data solution – discover the possibilities. Please contact us to learn more.

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