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Individual solutions for the reliable procurement of certified biomethane.

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Economically attractive solutions for combined heat and power unit operators

Operators using biomethane in their combined heat and power (CHP) units can benefit from higher injection remuneration under the German Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) than those using natural gas. Having a partner who can ensure a reliable long-term biomethane supply is crucial.

The conversion of biomethane into power and heat in CHP units is covered by the EEG. The operator receives fixed remuneration for the power it exports to the grid. A tendering system has been introduced under the EEG 2017 for remuneration for operators with a CHP unit generating more than 150 kW. The heat, on the other hand, is sold by the operator under individual heat supply contracts, or used on site.

BayWa r.e. can put together an individual supply solution for you, for every EEG quality required. Whether EEG 2004, 2009, 2012, 2014 or 2017 – we offer you the right biomethane at the right price.

For existing CHP units under EEG 2004, EEG 2009 or EEG 2012

We provide operators of existing combined heat and power units (up to EEG 2012) with an entire spectrum of required biomethane qualities. Our biomethane portfolio is specifically designed with a view to the long-term. As a result, you can be sure of a reliable supply to the end of the EEG remuneration period and therefore the viable operation of your CHP unit.

For newer CHP units under EEG 2014, EEG 2017 and future EEG revisions

Revisions to EEG provisions lowered the revenue potential for CHP unit projects from 2014 onwards. Nevertheless, these can still be economically attractive under certain circumstances: our energy market specialists will find the best solution for you and help you participate in the tendering system under the EEG 2017.

From natural gas to biomethane: converting a CHP unit from NG to BM

Combined heat and power units using natural gas can be converted to biomethane if the circumstances are right. The following conditions must be met:

  • The CHP unit concerned must have already been using natural gas prior to 1 August 2014.
  • Another CHP unit using biomethane must be taken out of service, evidenced by what are known as "proofs of decommissioning". We are happy to provide you with the necessary proofs for the conversion of your CHP unit.

Our solutions are flexible and demand oriented

BayWa r.e. is the first biomethane trading company in Germany and has been injecting, trading and providing balancing services since 2005. Benefit from our many years of market expertise as a pioneering biomethane trader and take advantage of our bespoke supply solutions. Subject to your requirements, we supply to you at an extraction point or virtual trading point in the required market area (Gaspool or NCG) with the requisite gas quality (H-gas or L-gas).

Something to note: with our innovative BIOGAS2POWER-smartNETTING product, you can combine the supply of biomethane with the procurement and trade of your EEG power. You reduce costs by intelligently linking the relevant income streams, while the security requirements for such payments are lowered.

Biomethane market access for producers

We procure biomethane directly from producers. As the handling customer, BayWa r.e. takes its entire production volume of biomethane from the export flange and organises all processing. If you are producing biomethane and are looking for a reliable partner for injecting it into the natural gas grid, get in touch.

Biomethane from the biomethane pioneer

Overview of our services:

  • Comprehensive consulting on the use of biomethane
  • Feasibility studies and EEG remuneration
  • Portfolio and accounting grid management
  • Grid connection and injection management, transmission of biomethane
  • Proofs of origin via the German biogas register
  • Trading at the virtual trading point
  • Specific biomethane trading contract administration
  • Supplier switching
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