Climate neutral biomethane as a raw material for the chemical industry

As Germany's largest biomethane trader, we supply you with certified biomethane and guarantee security of supply.

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An all-rounder for use in material recovery

Biomethane is increasingly being used in the chemical industry. By replacing natural gas and other fossil hydrocarbons as a CO2 neutral carbon source, it is helping to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  
We support this development and supply the chemical industry with certified biomethane in all required qualities.

Biomethane is a proven all-rounder in the production of various materials and can be used at no great expense. It can be easily sourced and transported via the gas grid. As biomethane has the same properties as natural gas, it can be used in existing networks without additional investment. Product features and quality also remain the same within applications when using biomethane.

Application areas and products suitable for the use of biomethane

Biomethane is already used to produce materials in a whole host of products – the possibilities seem endless. These include drinks packaging, furniture, hygiene products, photovoltaic systems and various intermediates used in automotive construction, electrical engineering and electronics. This all-rounder is also used in thermal insulation for buildings, cars and trains and to manufacture automotive and commercial vehicle paint.

Benefits to the chemical industry of using biomethane to produce materials:

  • Diversified raw material base, meaning greater security of supply
  • Resource conservation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Added boost to your company's decarbonisation strategy
  • Stable raw material pricing
  • Facilitates product expansion and diversification
  • Strengthens sustainability considerations in the product world
  • Facilitates the development of new, innovative technologies

Biomethane is set to play an increasingly important role in the production of materials in the chemical industry of the future. As Germany's leading biomethane trader, we have a decisive influence on this process and reliably supply the chemical and other industries with high quality biomethane which fulfils all requirements.

Biomethane supply chain in the chemical industry

Overview of our services:

  • Expert consulting during the engineering stage
  • Reliable supply of certified biomethane
  • Supply of every quality required for the production process

Take advantage of our unique expertise as a pioneer in the biomethane market: we offer you individual supply solutions that have an economic and ecological benefit.

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