Sustainable, flexible, reliable: biomethane supplied by BayWa r.e.

We supply high quality biomethane – even for application areas not covered by the EEG.

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Biomethane for the heating sector

Flexible use under the Renewable Heat Act & Renewable Energies Heat Act

Wherever gas boilers are used, green gas – a mix of conventional natural gas and a defined percentage of biomethane – provides an ideal and sustainable means of generating heat, as biomethane combustion is CO2 neutral.

Users of gas boilers can freely decide the extent to which they wish to reduce their carbon footprint when generating heat – as our customers individually select the biomethane content in the green gas mix.

We already supply high quality green gas to private and commercial customers throughout the whole of Germany. Of particular benefit to public utilities: biomethane can be used to build up a green gas portfolio to take account of growing customer demand for an environmentally responsible product.

Baden-Wurttemberg Renewable Heat Act (EWärmeG)

As a further bonus, the state of Baden-Wurttemberg specifically subsidises green gas with a biomethane content of 10 percent through the Renewable Heat Act (EWärmeG). We supply end users, commercial customers, public utilities and distributors with green gas of the quality required under the 2015 Renewable Heat Act. In Germany, a subsidy for green gas is due for release soon: we can help you meet the requirements for this already.

Our services at a glance:

  • Supply of BM or GG throughout Germany with a freely selectable percentage of BM for private, commercial and industrial customers, as well as public utilities
  • Flexible use of our biomethane in the heating sector
  • Supply of BM to make the NG portfolios of public utilities and distributors "greener", so that they meet the requirements of the Renewable Heat Act and Renewable Energies Heat Act

Biomethane for the fuel market

Sustainable fuel with certain extras

Using natural gas as a fuel for vehicles is an ideal way to be mobile, save money and protect the environment. Natural gas vehicles make a significant contribution to reducing harmful road traffic emissions, too. They emit far less CO2 and nitrogen oxide, and hardly any soot particles compared to conventional drive systems. Biomethane is an even more sustainable fuel than natural gas.

Not only do we reliably supply fuel station operators and traders with certified biomethane, we also help them transfer the biofuel quotas made available by sales of this fuel. Quotas are managed via the "Sustainable Biomass System" (Nabisy) run by the Federal Office for Agriculture and Food.

Talk to us about how we can supply you with biomethane and manage your quota trading.

    Our services at a glance:

    • Supply of certified biomethane throughout Germany for use in compressed fuel gas (bio-CNG) and liquefied fuel gas (bio-LNG)
    • Grid connection, injection and extraction management: fuel quotas and greenhouse gas trading, handling the quota transfer process
    • Management of the supplier switching process where needed
    • Certification of BayWa r.e. under the and REDcert-EU systems
    • Management of market communication

    Biomethane for the export market

    Certified quality under country-specific conditions

    As a pioneering biomethane trader, we also supply to the rest of Europe: energy suppliers, distributors, private customers and commercial clients outside of Germany benefit from our expertise as a biomethane supplier.

    Besides offering certified quality and maximum security of supply, we also take into account the relevant conditions and legal framework in the respective country. As a strong partner for the procurement of biomethane, customers across Europe place their trust in us.

    Our services at a glance:

    • Safe supply of high quality biomethane
    • Consideration of country-specific legal frameworks
    • Ensuring mass balancing
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