Load management with BayWa r.e.

Individual solutions for flexibly controllable consumption units.

To overview

Generate additional revenue with demand side management

With demand side management (DSM), the demand for electricity can be managed through the targeted switching on and off of loads according to market signals. This can be done by managing processes for which the consumption of electricity can be varied – such as refrigerated warehouses, grain drying installations, mills, furnaces and pumps.

Demand side management offers industrial and commercial businesses new ways of generating additional revenue. A significant amount of additional income can be generated on the control energy market and spot market through flexible load trading, for instance. At the same time, companies using demand side management help improve the security of supply in the context of the energy transition.

BayWa r.e. helps you identify and utilise your flexibly controllable consumption units and loads and trades them in the best way possible on a long-term basis.

Make optimum use of trading channels

Depending on the chosen optimisation strategy, different trading channels are generally used to trade flexibly controllable consumption units.

Trading control energy is one option. In this case, flexibly controllable loads are sold to grid operators on the secondary and tertiary control markets to ensure grid stability. Alternatively, flexibly controllable loads can also be sold on the spot market and intraday market. Market price fluctuations and other arbitrage opportunities on the electricity trading market can then be exploited via BayWa r.e.'s market access.

BayWa r.e. implements the optimisation strategy in the BayWa r.e. DSM pool, taking into consideration the defined optimisation parameters, thereby generating a sustainable additional yield for your consumption units. We provide all the necessary services.

Our services at a glance:

  • Identification of flexible loads and assistance in utilising the consumption units concerned
  • Analysis of production processes for opportunities for flexibility (including the need for investment and change)
  • Definition of the optimisation parameters
  • Enhancement of the consumption units and related production processes
  • Pooling via the BayWa r.e. virtual power plant
  • Support through our project planning and engineering expertise
  • Assistance with pre-qualifying plants for the control energy market
  • Trading flexibly controllable consumption units according to their availability and optimisation calculations
  • Energy data management
  • Trading risk management
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