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Direct Marketing of Controllable Plants

We are successfully bringing your biogas plant onto the electricity market

To overview

Direct marketing by BayWa r.e.

We enable operators of continuous systems to enter direct marketing without complication or risk. As one of the largest marketers in Germany, we offer a comprehensive and transparent service. In addition, we offer further options for optimising marketing revenues for controllable systems, such as marketing the electricity generated on the balancing energy market and active schedule management.

Biogas plants: We are your partner for direct marketing and flexibility management

Most German biogas plants are not subject to mandatory direct marketing. For them, the so-called applicable value increases by 0.20 ct/kWh if the electricity generated is sold as part of direct marketing. The applied value has been determined through a tendering process since the EEG 2017. 

With us, you can start direct marketing easily and without complications. We take over the forecast of electricity generation and bear the risk of any deviations between the forecasted electricity and the electricity actually fed in (balancing energy risk). As a plant operator, you receive the so-called monthly market value (monthly average price for base load electricity on the EPEX electricity exchange), less a marketing fee. In addition to the monthly market value, you receive the market premium paid out by the grid operator in direct marketing.

The amount of the market premium corresponds to the difference between the value to be invested and the monthly market value. It guarantees you additional proceeds compared to EEG remuneration outside direct marketing.

An overview of our services

  • Individual marketing opportunities within the framework of direct marketing
  • Comprehensive service (connection to the virtual power plant, fulfilment of obligations within the framework of Redispatch 2.0, REMIT messages)
  • Timely registration, deregistration and reregistration with the grid operator
  • Implementation of the generation forecast
  • Ensuring remote controllability by connecting the systems to a virtual power plant (prerequisite for market premium)
  • Secured payment to our customers thanks to our credit-worthy shareholders
  • Fair, individually calculated marketing fee

In addition to direct marketing, biogas plants are ideally suited for responding to fluctuating demand on the energy market due to their controllable production output. By marketing on the balancing energy market and demand-oriented marketing, operators can generate attractive additional revenues.

Direct marketing for operators of CHP units

Direct marketing of electricity generated by CHP units with an output of over 100 kW has been obligatory since July 2016. Our operational approach optimises the electricity price and enables you to fully exploit the two greatest strengths of cogeneration units – highly efficient heat supply and flexible power generation.

An overview of our services

For CHP units with surplus export

  • We pay the hourly spot market price for the power that is fed in
  • We forecast and assume the risks in terms of balancing energy
  • We calculate an annual fee for our marketing services

For CHP units with full export (no on-site consumption)

  • We pay an index-based price (such as a typical price or the monthly market value in accordance with the EEG)
  • We calculate a quantity-based fee for our marketing services


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