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Subsidised Direct Marketing with BayWa r.e.

We sell your electricity from renewable energy plants and CHP units

To overview

Direct marketing for operators of renewable energy plants

Do you operate a renewable energy plant with an output of over 100 kW? If so, convert your electricity into money! As one of Germany’s leading direct marketing companies and as the operator of a virtual power plant, we help you to integrate your plants into the market and the system. 

Our focus is on optimising your power plant revenues by utilising the entire spectrum of the energy industry value chain and of the associated markets. The options we consider here include the electricity wholesale market, power exchanges, balancing energy markets and power supply to electricity customers. 

Operators of renewable energy plants can expect us to provide a comprehensive service and transparent information about the revenues from the electricity that has been generated. They can also expect fair charges for our services.

The market premium model: convert electricity into money

With subsidised direct marketing, the network operator will provide you, the plant operator, with a bonus in addition to the tariff for the electricity. This is known as the ‘market premium’. This means you receive two payments:

Sale of powerBayWa r.e. purchases the power at market value.
Market premiumThe network operator pays the difference between the monthly market value and the funded rate of remuneration for the plant (the top-up value).

An overview of our services

  • We undertake registration, deregistration and re-registration measures in a timely manner, in line with Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG)
  • We draw the power from the plants as it is generated (unstructured). We also forecast energy production
  • We ensure that plants can be controlled remotely by establishing a secure connection between the plants and our own virtual power plant (prerequisite for market premium)
  • We pay the monthly market value for the power that is fed in. This, together with the market premium paid by the network operator, ensures that you will receive the remuneration outlined in the EEG
  • Thanks to our creditworthy shareholders, we can guarantee that our customers will be paid
  • The charges we make for our services are fair and individually calculated

Direct marketing for operators of CHP units

Direct marketing of electricity generated by CHP units with an output of over 100 kW has been obligatory since July 2016. Our operational approach optimises the electricity price and enables you to fully exploit the two greatest strengths of cogeneration units – highly efficient heat supply and flexible power generation.

An overview of our services

For CHP units with surplus export

  • We pay the hourly spot market price for the power that is fed in
  • We forecast and assume the risks in terms of balancing energy
  • We calculate an annual fee for our marketing services

For CHP units with full export (no on-site consumption)

  • We pay an index-based price (such as a typical price or the monthly market value in accordance with the EEG)
  • We calculate a quantity-based fee for our marketing services
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