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Simple Direct Marketing for PV Systems from 100 kWp

We are your partner in direct marketing of your PV electricity

To overview

Direct marketing for solar energy by BayWa r.e.

Is your PV system subject to mandatory direct marketing from 100 kWp? Or are you looking for a marketer for voluntary direct marketing of your system? As an experienced full-service provider in the field of photovoltaics, BayWa r.e. offers all operators of PV systems from 100 kWp comprehensive marketing services. You’ll benefit from our services while meeting the requirements of the Redispatch 2.0 regulations.

Direct marketing for PV systems from 750 kWp

We offer operators of PV systems greater than 750 kWp a range of marketing options and remuneration models:

  • Remuneration at the energy source-specific monthly market value (fixed or indexed direct marketing fee)
  • Remuneration at spot market prices (indexed marketing fee)
  • Fixed price hedging within the framework of the market premium model

We will create an individualised direct marketing offer with system-specific pricing. Of course, we also assume the new market role of the operational manager (EIV) for these systems and, on request, the role of the technical resource operator (BTR).

Your benefits in a nutshell

  • Individualised pricing
  • Personal support from our key account managers (for responsible employees, see postcode finder on the right)
  • Takeover of the redispatch 2.0 market roles of EIV and BTR
  • Access to the customer portal to change master data, notices of downtime and downloading options for load profile data and billing
  • Easy remote control connection via our partner Emsys
  • Timely registration, deregistration and reregistration in accordance with the EEG
  • Security of your marketing revenues by our credit-worthy shareholder


Contact us and we will be happy to provide a customized marketing offer. You can find your responsible key account manager under Contacts in the right column.

What do you do after 20 years of EEG remuneration?

Does your plant run out of Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) subsidies after 20 years? After the end of the legally guaranteed remuneration, there are various options available for the future of your investment: Continued operation, repowering or dismantling. It is possible to market electricity for plants with expiring subsidies both within the framework of a fixed price contract (Power Purchase Agreement) and at spot market prices.

Please find out more about your options.

Direct marketing for systems up to 750 kWp

We offer system operators with PV systems up to 750 kWp an easy entry into or switch to direct marketing. Contact our Sales Department at dv(at) There you will receive our master data sheet as the first step towards setting up a contract. After receiving the complete master data sheet, we will send you a clear General Terms and Conditions (GTC) Agreement for your system and we will then assume all necessary steps for registration, deregistration and reregistration within the framework of market communication.

The technical connection of the system is carried out via the service provider Energy and Meteo Systems (Emsys). For more information, visit the following website

Your benefits in a nutshell

  • For surplus and full feeders
  • Takeover of the redispatch 2.0 market roles of EIV and BTR
  • Simple and clear GTC Agreement
  • Access to the customer portal to change master data, notices of downtime and downloading options for load profile data and billing
  • Easy remote control connection
  • Timely registration, deregistration and reregistration in accordance with the EEG


Please note, we require a lead time of 8 weeks for the process so that all market communication processes can be carried out in a timely manner.


  • What is the minimum performance for BayWa r.e. to market my plant?

    BayWa r.e. takes over direct marketing for PV systems from an output of 100 kWp.

  • Can systems with self-consumption also be marketed directly?

    We take over the marketing for both full feeders and excess feeders.

  • For whom is direct marketing mandatory?

    Direct marketing is mandatory for systems above 100 kWp that were put into operation from 1 January 2016 onward. However, direct marketing can also be of interest for older systems.

  • What are the registration deadlines for marketing in direct marketing?

    If registering for the first time for direct marketing, the registration must be filed by the end of the second month before the start of marketing. If the marketing is to start, for example, on 15/03, the direct marketer must file the registration with the grid operator by 31/01 at the latest. With the necessary buffer, we must receive a signed agreement by mid-January.

    A shorter reporting period of 10 working days to the end of the month applies, if you switch from one direct marketer to another direct marketer. In order to have some buffer, we should also receive a signed agreement no later than the middle of the month before the start of the agreement.

  • How is the electricity generated remunerated?

    As the buyer of the electricity, BayWa r.e. pays the market value or spot price (minus marketing fee) for the electricity generated. In addition, the grid operator pays the difference between the monthly market value and the remuneration rate of the system (“applicable value”) as a market premium. Therefore, operators in direct marketing receive two payments.

  • Does BayWa r.e. take over the new market roles according to Redispatch 2.0?

    For PV systems, BayWa r.e. assumes the roles of the responsible operator (EIV) and optionally the role of the technical resource operator (BTR). Operators can thus implement the requirements from Redispatch 2.0 without much effort.

    For PV systems below 750 kWp, BayWa r.e. always assumes the role of technical resource operator and the person responsible for operations.

  • Does my plant have to be remotely controllable? How can it be connected to the virtual power plant?

    For plants with an output of more than 100 kWp, remote controllability is required by law. BayWa r.e. has contracted out the technical implementation of the remote control connection to the company Energy and Meteo Systems (Emsys). Please commission a remote control interface service provider (e.g., B4Energy, MeteoControl, Protea Energy, Quantec etc.) to connect your generating plant. They know the required steps to take. An exception is PV systems that have a data logger with an integrated direct marketing interface. A preconfigured router can be ordered for these via Emsys, which ensures secure data transmission.

  • Does BayWa offer fixed price hedging as part of direct marketing?

    As a supplement, we offer operators with an on-going direct marketing agreement the hedging of fixed prices on the futures market within the framework of the market premium model.

  • Collateral to secure the payment obligation

    On request, we will issue guarantees to secure the payment obligation to the plant operator.

  • Can guarantees of origin be generated via BayWa r.e.?

    If PV systems are marketed as part of other direct marketing (not in the market premium model), guarantees of origin can be issued for the electricity generated. For this purpose, the plant operator must register the systems in the Register of Guaranties. If the guarantees of origin are to be remunerated through BayWa r.e., they must be transferred to BayWa r.e. in the Register of Guarantees. Remuneration shall then be made in accordance with the contractually agreed sum.

  • How often does BayWa r.e regulate the systems?

    The plants are settled by our 24/7 trading desk based on the market, in accordance with the market prices, e.g., in case of negative prices on the spot market. For older plants, we offer the option of removing them from the market-based settlement. This can reduce wear and tear on the plants.

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