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Subsidised Direct Marketing with BayWa r.e.

We sell your electricity from your windenergy plants

To overview

Direct marketing for wind energy by BayWa r.e.

Do you operate a wind energy plant? Then, turn your electricity into money. As one of the leading direct marketers in Germany, we support you in the marketing and system integration of your plants. 

We focus on optimizing the revenues of your plants. Therefore, we make use of the full range of the energy value chain and associated markets. Electricity wholesale, electricity exchanges and supply to electricity customers: We consider all of these options. In addition to various remuneration models in direct marketing, we offer you additional protection of your income under the Power Purchase Agreements. This way, you will protect yourself against falling electricity prices and you will increase the predictability of your income.

Comprehensive service, transparent revenues from electricity generated and fair fees for our services: This is what operators of wind energy plants can expect from us.

Marketing options for your wind farm:

We offer operators of wind energy plants a range of marketing options and remuneration models:

  • Remuneration at the energy source-specific monthly market value (fixed or indexed direct marketing fee
  • Remuneration at spot market prices (indexed marketing fee)
  • Fixed price hedging within the framework of the market premium model

Our services at a glance:

Individual marketing opportunities within the framework of direct marketing

  • Personal support from our key account managers (for responsible employees, see postcode finder on the right)
  • Comprehensive service (connection to the virtual power plant, fulfilment of obligations within the framework of Redispatch 2.0, REMIT messages)
  • Timely registration, deregistration and reregistration at the grid operator
  • Implementation of the generation forecast
  • Ensuring remote controllability by connecting the systems to a virtual power plant (prerequisite for market premium)
  • Secured payment to our customers thanks to our credit-worthy shareholders
  • Fair, individually calculated marketing fee

What do you do after 20 years of EEG remuneration?

Does your plant run out of Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) subsidies after 20 years? After the end of the legally guaranteed remuneration, there are various options available for the future of your investment: Continued operation, repowering, dismantling or a sale to BayWa r.e. It is possible to market electricity for plants with expiring subsidies both within the framework of a fixed price contract (Power Purchase Agreement) and at spot market prices.

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