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Individual direct marketing solutions for your wind, photovoltaic and CHP power.

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What makes direct marketing worthwhile?

Since the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2012 was introduced in Germany, operators of new photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and combined heat and power (CHP) units have been obliged to trade their energy on the basis of the market premium model. For plants commissioned prior to 2012, operators can voluntarily switch from conventional EEG remuneration to the market premium model. In general, both options offer better remuneration and thus add value to your plant.

Our virtual power plant plays a key role here: this strategic instrument allows us to link many decentralised power generators with our buyers, regardless of where they are located. The result: capacities that are comparable to conventional power plants.

Our many years of experience in commissioning new renewable energy plants also ensure a smooth transition: so that the direct marketing starts paying off for you from the very first kilowatt hour injected.

Is direct marketing mandatory?

Since the introduction of the EEG 2012, all renewable energy plants with a capacity of 500 kW or more are required to participate in direct marketing. The EEG 2014 reduced this limit to 100 kW. This provision has been retained in the new EEG 2017. Accordingly, all new wind turbines and many new photovoltaic systems are required, per se, to participate in direct marketing. But operators of existing plants can also safely switch to direct marketing.

Are there additional income streams offered by biogas plants?

Demand-oriented power export is a possibility for biogas plants with a storage system. The electricity is exported when prices on the power exchange are high, thereby maximising revenue. We help you add flexibility to your plant – either by installing additional capacity or extending gas storage facilities. This flexibility then allows you to tap into the available premiums.

While demand-oriented export is only a viable option for biogas plants at the moment, it may also become a suitable model for wind turbines and photovoltaic systems in the future as prices for storage modules fall.

Our services at a glance:

  • Registration and de-registration of your EEG plant
  • Integration of your plant into a virtual power plant
  • Besides direct marketing: additional revenue from trading on the control energy market – depending on the controllability of your plant
  • Assistance with selecting the technology needed to expand your plant
  • Energy data management
  • Agreement of a schedule for demand-oriented injection
  • Communication with the grid operator
  • Accounting grid management
  • Trading risk management
  • Professional project management during commissioning
  • Supply of 100 percent green power or biomethane to your plant

Our trading model

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