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After the period of guaranteed feed-in remuneration has ended

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What happens once the subsidies end?

At the end of 2020, the 20-year period of subsidies outlined in Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) will end for the first photovoltaic plants and wind turbines. At the same time, more and more industrial and corporate clients are showing interest in being powered by electricity from renewable energy sources in the long term. This means that even without subsidies, the continuation of operations remains an attractive prospect.

The prospects for constructing new plants are also good. This is because rising electricity prices and shrinking investment costs for solar plants and wind turbines create good conditions for entering the renewable energy market – even though these plants are not eligible for subsidies. At the same time, in the absence of the limitations associated with the EEG, there are promising opportunities. For example, future photovoltaic plants will not be confined to the limited types of areas defined in the EEG.

Our solution: power purchase agreements

Be it new plants that are not eligible for subsidies or existing plants whose subsidies are ending, we offer a solution: our long-term trading contracts. We use what are known as ‘power purchase agreements’ (PPAs) to guarantee funding for new plants and for the continued operation of existing ones. As an experienced direct marketing company with a long track record of supplying power to corporate and industrial clients, we are in a strong position to negotiate these agreements. 

PPAs enable us to supply electricity customers with green electricity from traceable sources while offering them a great deal of environmental added value. This is particularly important for companies who have included these factors in their sustainability goals.

With the project Barth V around 30 kilometres east of Stralsund, we will be constructing the first non-subsidised German solar park from June 2019 onwards, and will thereby ring in a new era in the generation of renewable energy. The electricity generated is to be supplied to an industrial partner with a PPA.

More information about the project Barth V: https://www.baywa-re.de/de/solar/solarpark-barth-v/

An overview of our services:

  • We market renewable energy plants that are no longer eligible for further subsidies after receiving EEG subsidies for twenty years, or plants that are not eligible for an EEG subsidy.
  • We take on the marketing of renewable energy plants that are to operate without subsidies despite being eligible for an EEG subsidy.
  • We offer fixed or variable remuneration models that are transparently based on the energy markets.

Do you want to use the power generated by your photovoltaic plant yourself, rather than selling it? Follow this link to find out more about on-site consumption.

Sabrina Schmitt
Key Account Manager Power Plants
BayWa r.e. Clean Energy Sourcing GmbH
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