Demand Side Management – Load Control for Increased Flexibility

Shift power consumption and generate additional revenue.

To overview

Demand side management for industry and commerce

Demand side management (DSM) facilitates the management of demand for electricity by specifically switching loads on and off in response to signals from the market. This involves the management of flexible processes for which the electricity input can be varied – for example cold storage warehouses, grain drying facilities, mills, ovens and pumps. Auxiliary plants such as air compressors, refrigeration plants and ventilation systems are particularly well-suited.

Demand side management makes it possible for commercial and industrial businesses to generate additional revenue and reduce energy costs. By trading a flexible load, it is possible to generate substantial additional revenue on the balancing energy market or the spot market. At the same time, businesses that use demand side management are helping to improve the stability of the grid as the energy revolution progresses.

We work with you to identify the areas of your business that offer potential for flexibility and we define the technical restrictions in relation to your plants and processes.

Making the best use of trading options

Units of consumption that can be flexibly adjusted are generally traded in a range of different ways, depending on the optimisation strategy that has been chosen.
One route is that of balancing energy trading, whereby the loads that can be flexibly adjusted are sold to the grid operator on the secondary market or the minute reserve market, in order to guarantee the grid’s stability. 

An alternative route is for the loads that can be flexibly adjusted to be sold on the short-term electricity trading market (day-ahead or intraday markets). Our market access enables you to benefit from the price fluctuations on the electricity trading market.

We implement the optimisation strategy in our virtual power plant, while taking into account the defined optimisation parameters. In this way, we enable your units of consumption to generate lasting additional revenue. We take care of everything for you and perform all of the necessary services.

An overview of our services: 

  • Daily analysis of market data, compiling optimised schedules and putting together packages for auction 
  • Modelling the specific plant using our optimisation software, 5/1, taking into account plant-specific parameters and restrictions
  • Cross-market revenue optimisation on the spot market (day-ahead and intraday) and the balancing energy markets 
  • Handling the schedule management and provision of balancing energy via remote control and monitoring of the plants, which takes place through our Trading & Operations Cockpit
  • Monthly marketing report and transparent invoicing 
  • Provision of an online portal for managing plant availability
    Mike Kutzner
    Leiter Key Account Management
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