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Optimised Trading of Battery Energy Storage Systems

We can generate additional revenues from your battery storage system using integrated marketing concepts

To overview

Management of battery storage systems

With the growing share of renewable energies in electricity generation, battery storage systems are becoming increasingly important to the stability of energy networks.

As an operator of a battery storage system, you can contribute to the success of the energy revolution and at the same time benefit from lucrative revenues through trading. As an experienced player in flexibility markets, we ensure your investment is ideally managed.

Trading battery storage systems in solar parks as part of the EEG innovation tender

Supply and demand determine the electricity price on the electricity exchange every hour. Take advantage of the flexibility of your solar park with battery storage and benefit from feeding in the electricity produced at times of higher market prices. Our 24/7 trading desk forecasts your solar power production and takes over the trading management of your system. Both solar parks under direct marketing as part of the market premium and parks with fixed power purchase agreements (PPA) benefit from this optimised trading.

Trading stand-alone storage – a lucrative contribution to network stability

Stand-alone storage systems offer extremely good flexibility and significantly contribute to the stability of the energy networks: With market-oriented charging and discharging, they regulate, for example, network fluctuations and at the same time generate attractive revenues in flexibility markets. As part of the system-specific restrictions, our experienced 24/7 trading team will perform optimised trades across all relevant markets (spot markets and balancing energy markets), thereby, generating maximum revenues for the storage system.

Our services at a glance:

  • Maximum revenues through optimised use across all relevant markets (spot markets and balanced energy markets)
  • Trading at optimised energy prices through the use of our modelling and optimisation software, algorithm trading and automated trading strategies
  • Market-specific management by our 24/7 trading desk
  • Attractive, individual remuneration structures
  • Simple connection of the storage via modern hardware and software to our virtual power plant
  • Remote control unit as per the specifications of transmission system operators


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