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Solutions for industrial and corporate clients

BayWa r.e. is 100% committed to renewable energy – and we believe that the energy used to power industry should be clean, sustainable and affordable. This is why we supply responsible industrial and commercial businesses and public institutions with green energy. And we do so at fair market prices so that our clients are not at a competitive disadvantage.

Solutions for public utilities and electricity suppliers

We also supply green energy to public utility suppliers – energy from wind turbines and from photovoltaic, biomass and hydroelectric plants. Long-term supply contracts from power purchase agreements (PPAs) and proof of origin and region help to facilitate the development of new, innovative green electricity products. We can organise and manage these proofs for you in the Federal Ministry of the Environment traceability register.

A tailored electricity supply that meets your requirements 

Customised to suit your usage profile and requirements – choose a green electricity supply model from the diverse range of options that we offer. We have the right supply model for you:

Full supply contracts are suitable for clients whose energy consumption is not particularly high. With this all-inclusive package for peace of mind, your green electricity will be supplied at a fixed price, even when electricity prices fluctuate. Changes in quantities are also possible, within generous limits. This will ensure that short-term fluctuations in your energy consumption do not have a negative impact on the price you pay for your electricity.

Instead of buying your electricity all at once, pay for it in instalments. We offer you the opportunity to purchase your annual expected volume of electricity in various tranches, each of which will have the same structure and volume. A fixed price for each instalment can be agreed at any point in time before the energy is supplied. This enables you to monitor the prices on the electricity market over the course of the contract and capitalise on price fluctuations. Since we want to help every customer to find the best solution, we provide a range of price references for fixing. You can choose between live and over-the-counter price quotations on broker platforms and settlement prices at the EEX energy exchange in Leipzig.

With our standard product tranche model, you can purchase energy for your power needs in sections. These tranches are representative of the standard products on wholesale markets. For example, monthly, quarterly and annual products can be used for both the base and the peak load. Spot market products can also be used as tranches. 

A variety of reference prices, such as EEX Phelix Futures and OTC quotations, can be consulted to determine fixed prices. Purchased tranches (fixed prices) can also be resold. This makes it possible to manage minimum quantities in more detail and with more flexibility than is possible on the wholesale markets themselves. 

As such, the standard product tranche model enables you to take direct advantage of price fluctuations on the market – in a way that reflects your appetite for risk and your assessment of the market.

This is why we also refer to this model as ‘electricity exchange light’, seeing as it corresponds to the purchasing behaviour of larger companies who act as independent players on the wholesale markets. Thanks to the constant improvements that we are making to this model, even companies whose power needs are lower can benefit from this kind of power procurement. 

Large enterprises and other energy supply companies sometimes buy electricity through what is known as structured procurement. With these kinds of procurement models for specialists, the key elements are consumption forecasts, access to the stock market, day and night trading on spot and intraday markets, schedule and balancing group management and the comprehensive management of multiple suppliers. 

As a partner with extensive experience in the area of structured power procurement, we provide you with support that extends beyond the areas mentioned above. Indeed, our range of services also includes baseload delivery and assuming the role of lead supplier. Contact us about our tailored solutions for supplying renewable energy!

Our green electricity products are as dynamic as our customers’ requirements 

You decide whether you would like to be powered by electricity from wind turbines or from photovoltaic, biomass or hydroelectric plants – and we will supply it. The quality of our electricity products is certified on a regular basis and we offer our customers transparency about the energy sources that generate the power we supply to them.

From corporate PPAs to on-site consumption

Many industrial and corporate clients have set themselves sustainability goals that include being powered by green electricity – and this green electricity must meet specific quality standards. Corporate PPAs, as they are called, are the ideal way to ensure that these strict criteria are met while also guaranteeing stable purchasing prices. On the basis of these PPAs, which are medium- or long-term energy supply contracts, it is possible to finance renewable energy plants that are not in receipt of subsidies. Wind turbines are an example of a suitable type of generation plant. This is because after a period of 20 years, they will no longer receive the subsidies associated with Germany’s Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and would therefore otherwise be decommissioned and deconstructed. New photovoltaic plants can also be considered because they are financed without EEG subsidies. As a long-term trading partner of wind farms and as a leading project developer in the photovoltaic (PV) sector, we are able to offer our customers both options.

Due to rising electricity prices and falling investment costs for electricity from renewable energy sources, self-supply with green electricity – especially electricity from new photovoltaic systems – has become another attractive alternative. Leasing models are an additional possibility. As a result, you can secure electricity from renewable energy sources for a long time at cheap prices. Please contact us and we will gladly advise you on the options that are open to you!

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