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BayWa r.e. manages your documentation and reporting obligations in respect of the German biogas register and REMIT.

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Leave it all to us. We manage the documentation obligations in respect of the biomethane you produce and your reporting and information obligations for your biomethane supplies and direct marketing plants.

We manage your proofs of origin in dena's biogas register for Germany

Under the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG), all biogas producers are required to document all their biomethane: from production, through to injection into the natural gas grid and transport within the natural gas grid through to extraction and usage from the natural gas grid.

The German biogas register is a platform for efficient and reliable biomethane documentation. The German Energy Agency (dena) runs the register. dena makes this documentation system available in its role as a semi-governmental organisation. The register is used to fully trace and certify biomethane, from production through to consumption, thereby facilitating its trading across Germany.

For operators of renewable energy plants

It is important for biogas producers to manage processes relating to the biogas register in a professional and timely manner. Any delays could cause biomethane consumers to miss out on EEG remuneration, resulting in expensive claims for damages under biomethane supply agreements.

As a full-service provider, we manage your documentation obligations in the German biogas register. This also includes configuring batches and making them "greener" in cooperation with the environmental assessor, and booking individual batches to the biomethane consumers' biogas register account.

For consumers of renewable energy

The consumer receives confirmation of the biogas they have contributed in the form of an extract from the biogas register. This acts as an official record, guaranteeing fast, cost effective processing of subsidy applications.

We manage your accounts in the biogas register and ensure you obtain the proofs of origin required in a convenient, cost effective manner. We also check the individual batches from the biomethane suppliers are received on time and meet your criteria.

German biogas register – our services at a glance:

  • Provision of information about your documentation obligations as well as the content of the documentation and reporting deadlines
  • Registration in the dena German biogas register
  • Checks of incoming batches
  • Making plant and company audits "greener" together with the environmental assessor and register administrator
  • Issuance of proofs of origin – according to customer needs

We handle your REMIT reporting

Participants in the wholesale energy market have been subject to reporting and information obligations under REMIT since 2015. This EU regulation is designed to increase transparency, integrity and stability in the European energy markets. The EU authority ACER is charged with implementing the regulation and monitoring and regulating the energy markets.

When you do business with BayWa r.e., we can handle your reporting and documentation obligations under REMIT on request.

For operators of renewable energy plants

The reporting and documentation obligations under REMIT apply to power generators with a capacity of 10 MW or more involved in direct marketing.

For consumers of renewable energy

Supply transactions with a technical withdrawal capacity of 600 GWh/a or more are subject to a reporting obligation under REMIT when biomethane is supplied to physical extraction points. Biomethane supplies between distributors at virtual trading points (VTP) must be reported under REMIT.

REMIT – our services at a glance:

  • Information and consulting on your obligations under REMIT
  • Identification of relevant transactions
  • Provision of information on the content of the registration and reporting deadlines
  • Management of registration with the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
  • Management of your reporting requirements
  • Management of all reporting under REMIT using the ACER Notification Platform
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