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Our services for public utility companies, energy suppliers and industrial clients.

To overview

Compared to other purchasing markets, the electricity market is extremely complex. Poor decisions on this market can quickly lead to enormous costs. Public utility companies and electricity sellers need to have a trading framework that makes it easier for them to manage the uncertainty of the energy markets.

With our portfolio management services, we help public utility companies, smaller electricity suppliers and industrial clients to put together and implement resilient purchasing strategies.

The pillars of trust-based collaboration 


We work with you to develop a purchasing and/or trading strategy that suits your internal requirements. This involves referring to historical settlements and using historical price developments as the basis for determining possible strategy outcomes. The cornerstones of the chosen strategy are presented in a portfolio report. They are regularly monitored and undergo further development.

Market advice

On each trading day, we provide you with a newsletter with a market commentary that documents the latest market fluctuations and price developments. Through regular conversations in the marketplace, we work together to evaluate the developments on the energy markets. We review your trading strategy on the basis of this information.


We compile a detailed summary of the key data from all supply years for your overall portfolio and any saved sub-portfolios. We present this graphically. On each trading day, we also compile customised reporting in line with your requirements. 

The building blocks of our operational services 

BayWa r.e. provides you with flexible access to the most important European trading markets for energy products. As our customer, you benefit from being able to utilise these markets, without needing to establish your own direct access to the market – for example by having stock exchange membership and your own infrastructure.

This means that even for small volumes, it is possible to capitalise on the benefits of structured procurement on the energy market and to control fixed costs. Our Trading & Operations Cockpit provides you with market access seven days a week – so it is even available over the weekend.

As our customer, you and your consumption points or generation plants can be assigned to one of our balancing groups. This saves you the administrative and technological costs associated with running your own balancing group. We will assume responsibility for calculating the differences between the purchase/usage volumes that were forecast and the actual quantities that were used and generated. 

With schedule and nomination management, we undertake all the steps required to manage the schedules for your supply, purchase and trading activities. In this way, the right volumes of gas or electricity are supplied to the right place at the right time.

As part of supplying power to end customers, and within the scope of direct marketing, we help you to fulfil regulatory requirements. On your behalf, we also manage grid utilisation and bill of exchange proceedings for consumer points and feed-in sources.

We have many years of experience on the liberalised energy market, which means we are also equipped with the necessary IT systems. This service model enables you to benefit from our expertise and equipment.

The management of third-party direct marketing portfolios is a service model that we have tailored specifically to the needs of public utility companies and regional suppliers. With this service, we assume full management responsibility for market premium trading without ever dealing directly with the plant operators.

This enables public utility companies to participate in the securities of a heterogeneous portfolio that is distributed across different regions, without having to establish the portfolio themselves. To do this, they would need to acquire plants located a long way away from the local region that they are supplying. Instead, the public utility company, with its regional focus, can fully exploit its selling power and the proximity it has to its customers and it can acquire customer plants for direct marketing.

This approach is particularly suitable for tapping into and providing direct marketing for small photovoltaic plants. 

    Mike Kutzner
    Leiter Key Account Management
    BayWa r.e. Energy Trading GmbH
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