Reliable and Efficient Recycling of Bio-waste

We offer a full spectrum of individual disposal and recycling solutions

As a leading disposal company, we draw on many years of experience in recycling waste products from biogas plants, making us the perfect partner for the disposal and recycling of bio-waste and residues from your biogas plant.

Based on an extensive analysis of your disposal requirements, we develop holistic concepts and offer you comprehensive solutions for sustainable material cycles: from a container service to collections, transportation and certified ecological recycling.

Our services at a glance:

  • Designing disposal concepts
  • Provision of containers and container systems
  • Replacement of containers in a cyclical process
  • Transportation to the biogas plant
  • Cleaning and disinfection of containers with hot water or steam
  • Recycling waste matter in the biogas plant
  • Material recycling and disposal of bio-waste and residues

For further details on our services, see here.

The catchment areas of our biogas plants cover almost three quarters of Germany. Further expansion is on-going. We can undertake an initial appraisal for you, and develop individual disposal concepts for you, even if the collection points are not yet within our usual collection area. Talk to us.

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