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Optimisation of Biogas Plants – No Problem for Us

To overview

Operations management, silo management and yield optimisation

Utilisation levels and downtimes are not a matter of luck: they can be comprehensively controlled with professional operations management. Let us show you what we can do by optimising your plant's operation.

Management of your plant in accordance with approvals ensures its reliable operation over the long-term, while system-supported monitoring of technology and digester biology during operation, ensures a high utilisation level and availability. Operating data is captured automatically, analysed and assessed by our staff. All relevant documents are filed electronically.

We not only take care of the technical performance of your plant, but also look after your commercial interests. We draw up tailored framework agreements and maintenance packages for you as part of our service package for single and combined plant(s).

Your biogas plant in good hands with BayWa r.e.

Our services for your biogas plants at a glance

  • Feed planning, matched to your plant technology and the available raw materials
  • Ongoing plant inspection using RFID chips and transparent transmission of each inspection date into your operating log via direct synchronisation
  • Biological operations management
  • Silo management
  • Ensuring operational reliability
  • Remote monitoring of plant operation (operating states and parameters) including 24/7 call-out service
  • Control and monitoring of maintenance work required
  • Organisation and monitoring of repairs and troubleshooting
  • Spare parts management
  • Capturing operating data and keeping an electronic operating log in real time
  • Deadline management to secure the feed-in tariffs and meet permitting and other legal requirements (such as BImSchG, AwSV, EEG)
  • Processing of warranty claims, insurance and loss cases, as well as claims management
  • Optional: provision of operating personnel (complete or supplementary, for example in the event of staff shortages due to holidays or illness)
    Frank Gold
    Head of Biogas Advisory
    BayWa r.e. Bioenergy GmbH
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