Making Money from Sunshine: Use Your Land for Solar Energy

We support you in generating your own electricity and leasing your land for solar energy.

To overview

Interested in leasing open spaces or becoming a generator in your own right?

Make use of your agricultural land, fallow land or redevelopment sites, formerly used for commercial or military purposes, for the construction of solar parks. With a lease contract over 20 years, you profit from a fixed usage fee without having to invest yourself.

Interested in leasing your land? There are two different income models to choose from:

  • Lease your land and secure your fixed return: a lease-only contract with a guaranteed usage fee for 20 years gives you maximum security
  • Lease your land and generate electricity yourself: leasing with a stake in the installation you also profit from high power yields in sunny years

BayWa r.e. takes care of all subsequent matters: we arrange everything, from project development to construction, through to commissioning and maintenance of the system. We therefore bear all of the associated risk.

    We are interested in:

    • Land starting from about five hectares in size
    • Land along motorways or railway lines within a corridor of 110 metres
    • Impervious and redevelopment sites
    • Former commercial properties
    • Roof surfaces from 10,000 square metres
    • Minimal exposure to shade on all surfaces

    Practical example

    "We've had a fixed land lease for nearly 10 years. It's the ideal solution for us: making a profit without the risk of investing." Albert Meindl, Meindl & Partner Elektrotechnik Anlagenbau GbR.

    Ground-mounted system in Feichten

    System output800 kWp
    CommissioningJanuary 2009
    Location84550 Feichten, Bavaria, Germany
    Annual yield850,000 kWh / 602 t CO2 savings
    LessorMeindl & Partner
    FeaturesLeasing model: fixed usage fee per unit area without own investment; project development and construction of the photovoltaic system by BayWa r.e.

    How you can benefit from leasing your land

    • You profit from a fixed usage fee for 20 years.
    • Generate extra income as a service provider by maintaining the grounds yourself.
    • We arrange everything, from the leasing contract, right through to engineering, construction, commissioning and maintenance.

    Turn unused roof space into profit

    We develop, design and install photovoltaic systems on the roofs of large private, commercial or public properties. In Germany, the revised Renewable Energy Sources Act 2017 allows systems with a capacity of up to 750 kWp to be installed with corresponding feed-in remuneration. In addition, it also allows the direct use of electricity generated on site. This lowers your electricity bills and offers attractive returns. You can find further information on the subject of on-site consumption here.

    We provide you with tailored on-site consumption solutions for your roof.
      Marc Krezer
      Land Acquisition Solar
      BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH
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