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Turnkey certified plants from the market leader in subsidy-free photovoltaic projects.

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Turnkey solar parks for investors

Take advantage of our extensive expertise. We deliver large-scale turnkey solar power plants and handle everything from project development, including detail and permit planning, to implementation. Our experienced project managers make sure that our solar parks meet all quality expectations, are built to last and operate in the most profitable range. And, as experts in power purchase agreements, we ensure the solar energy from your photovoltaic system is purchased by a fixed, long-term partner to guarantee you get a quick return on your investment.

System integration 

System integration plays a key role in the planning and implementation of a solar park. We call on only reputable manufacturers, particularly when it comes to components such as photovoltaic modules and inverters. The system standards defined by our experienced engineers guarantee that the photovoltaic modules, inverters, wiring and substructure are perfectly matched throughout the system.

Certified processes guarantee superior quality – and a higher yield

In 2016, BayWa r.e. was the first company in the solar industry to be awarded a VDE certificate for the installation of standardised photovoltaic power plants. Moreover, in 2019 we were awarded an ISO certification for quality and environmental management by TÜV Süd, which shows that we are pioneers in this field too. We aim to make the best possible use of the available land through site-specific system engineering and the deployment of high-quality system technology throughout. All of which are prerequisites for high system yields over the long term.

One-stop service to ensure long-term bank financing for your investment

In addition to the on-site development of photovoltaic systems, BayWa r.e. handles all the contracts and rights required for the construction and operation of the system. Besides the lease contract, building permits and grid connection, we take responsibility for the ongoing technical and commercial plant management and purchase the required insurance policies. And as a result, your solar park can be covered by long-term bank financing.

Power purchase agreements: the future of the renewable energy market

Our first subsidy-free solar park, Don Rodrigo, in Spain, showed the world that solar energy is the cheapest energy source of our times and that freestanding, large-scale solar power plants no longer require subsidies. Through skilful planning, we applied this international expertise to Germany too with the PPA follow-up project Barth V. In the case of subsidy-free projects, it is of paramount importance to find a purchaser for the power produced by the photovoltaic system. In this regard, BayWa r.e. can offer its extensive expertise in power purchase agreements (PPAs). In the highly competitive PPA market, we have the advantage of many years of experience in the collaboration with power purchasers, including both high-volume industrial consumers and utilities.


It’s a major milestone for us, together with BayWa r.e., to be part of one of the first subsidy-free solar-power projects. It demonstrates that it is possible to fully integrate renewable energy sources in the market.

Simon Kornek, Head of Continental Long-Term Portfolio, Statkraft
    Isabella Pütz
    Sales Solar Projects
    BayWa r.e. Solar Projects GmbH
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