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A bright future for the German energy transition with BayWa r.e.

To overview

When it comes to developing large-scale solar power plants, you can count on us. From planning and financing to plant development and, ultimately, the direct marketing of electricity, our in-house expertise covers the entire value chain. 

Project development

Our team of experts will make sure that all planning, licensing and technical requirements are met to guarantee a successful project. Thanks to our many years of experience in collaborating with municipalities, landowners and government agencies in Germany, our expert team legally secures all planning and permission requirements as well as technical preconditions for the successful implementation of a project.

Our expertise in project development:

  • Site analysis and assessment
  • Support and management of the approval process 
  • Optimisation of plant layout 
  • Preparation and drafting of documents for permit applications
  • Supervision, preparation and execution of auctions
  • Structuring and implementation of customised participation models
  • Project pre-financing and interim financing
  • Structuring and implementation of marketing the electricity

Project acquisition and cooperation

Do you want to sell project rights quickly to a capable and responsible partner? Or are you looking for an experienced partner to cooperate with you on an equal footing? We acquire the rights to projects in all stages of development and provide public utility companies, developers, planners and energy cooperatives assistance during future stages, if required. 

Our road to market leadership in subsidy-free solar projects 

In 2007, we carried out our first photovoltaic project in Germany in the framework of the EEG (German Renewable Energy Sources Act). Our aim was to develop subsidy-free large-scale solar power plants, even in areas of Central Europe with moderate solar irradiation, including Germany. What was just a dream back then has now become a reality. Our 2018 175 MWp project Don Rodrigo in Andalusia, Spain, shows that grid parity is perfectly possible in one of the sunniest areas of Europe. We immediately followed up with another success in 2019, when we completed the first subsidy-free photovoltaic project: Barth V in Germany.

Barth V – Our subsidy-free solar success in Germany

The solar park Barth V (8.8 MWp) on the premises of the Stralsund-Barth airport by the Baltic Sea is the first subsidy-free solar park from BayWa r.e. in Germany. Starting in 2012, a total of six solar parks were built at this location with an overall capacity of 68.4 MWp.


The solar park on the premises of the Barth airport is a regional success story (...) with it, we’re promoting the green energy revolution and showing that solar power has earned a permanent place in our state’s energy mix.

Christian Pegel, State Minister for Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalisation of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
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