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For greater efficiency and higher yields: ask BayWa r.e. for a professional drone check.

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Drones and infrared cameras: your solar yield assistants

You have invested a great deal in your solar plant; now you want to achieve the highest yields possible. But even minor defects can have a significant impact on yield. The solution: a professional drone check by BayWa r.e. As experts in the field of maintenance and technical operations management, we support you in optimising your installation: using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with a infrared camera, we uncover weaknesses and rectify them on request. We offer the drone check for PV systems from at least 100 kWp and depending on season and weather.

Increasing solar yields

You invested a great deal in your solar plant. As a professional service provider in the field of maintenance and technical management, we support you to optimise the solar yields generated by your plant. We can uncover the weaknesses in your PV system and, if requested, remedy any faults to increase efficiency and yields.

Professional drone check

A modern drone fitted with a thermal imaging camera not only reliably identifies visual defects such as broken glass or cell damage from above, but also uncovers unusual heat developments (hotspots). Using thermography, individual module failures or even faulty wiring from the system installation can be detected quickly and easily. We check your solar plant from at least 100 kWp size.

Maintenance by BayWa r.e.

Comprehensive maintenance is particularly important as the system ages, and ensures that the earnings potential is fully exploited. Needs-based maintenance carried out by BayWa r.e. takes into account the age of the system and adjusts the amount of the maintenance work required accordingly – this ensures we provide as much maintenance as is necessary to generate as great a performance as possible.

Through a drone’s eyes... 

Thermography is the best way to quickly and reliably detect defects in solar systems. We have already identified the following faults with our customers’ systems using the “solar yield assistant”:

Our services

  • Thermographic examination of the PV system (at least 100 kWp) using a high-resolution thermal imaging camera
  • Detailed evaluation of the thermal images
  • Flight video and aerial photos of your PV system
  • Recommended actions
  • If requested: Fault rectification

Join forces to save money:

If you join forces with other solar plant operators in your local area, you could save up to 40% as part of a solar village network. Contact us to receive your personalised quote.

    Robert Rischen
    Project Manager Solar Harvester
    BayWa r.e. Operation Services GmbH
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