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Successful Together

Be it ambitious plans or complex project situations - we will find the right way with you

To overview

With new ideas, we want to optimally complement your expertise and strengths and successfully support you and your project. We work together to develop a fair distribution of risks and costs for our co-operation. Always with the aim of making your projects a success together, even in critical phases.

Here are a few examples of how we can support you: 

  • Project Cooperation

    Attractive project cooperation

    Do you want to increase the profitability of your project or have more flexibility to concentrate on what matters most?

    Whether a cooperation for the joint realisation of your wind farm, for jointly used project rights or for joint grid planning - let's talk about the possibilities for optimising your project! So that you can reduce your project development costs by sharing resources and optimise your focus.

  • Repowering

    Competent collaboration for repowering

    Are you planning to repower a wind farm? We are your perfect partner, regardless of capital requirements or the complexity of the project.

    As a subsidiary of the successful BayWa Group, we combine financial strength, reliability and a broad range of services and expertise. Our strengths lie not only in new project planning, but also in the evaluation of existing wind farms, continued operation and energy marketing. We ensure the success of your repowering project.

  • Project take on

    With a secure result

    Are the uncertainties in the planning and authorisation process or in the tendering procedure too high for you? The financial risk does not match your current situation?

    We take on your project - regardless of the stage of development - at the best conditions. This enables you to exit the project in a risk-free and economically viable manner.

  • Business Development

    With innovative ideas

    Do you want to add value to your project with innovative ideas?

    We examine the possibilities of technologies such as hydrogen and battery storage in conjunction with wind energy projects in order to be able to react to changes in electricity marketing and to ensure the economic viability of projects in the future.

Our expert-team

Thilo Busse

Leader Cooperations & Business Development

  • About Thilo

  • With his deep understanding of the industry and his extensive experience, Thilo is responsible for the strategic orientation and coordination of the department's activities and can therefore act in the interests of BayWa r.e. Wind GmbH, taking into account the constant change in the energy market. This includes shaping and developing cooperation and business models for promising fields of activity in collaboration with his team as well as lively dialogue with partners.

Stefanie Dreier

Senior Project Manager Cooperations & Business Development

  • About Stefanie

  • With her passion for sustainable energy and her good network in the industry, Stefanie is in constant dialogue with wind turbine operators and supports them in making decisions regarding the continued operation, sale and repowering of the turbines. Stefanie is also the right point of contact for industrial companies planning to source their electricity from renewable energies.

Jan-Philipp Geffert

Project Manager Cooperations & Business Development

  • About Jan-Philipp

  • In close coordination with our diverse project partners, Jan-Philipp is responsible for the development of sustainable cooperation models and the structuring of project rights acquisitions. With his in-depth understanding of the industry and the needs of our partners, he ensures long-term and successful cooperation between all parties involved from the very first meeting.

Linh Vo

Senior Project Manager Cooperations & Business Development

  • About Linh

  • With her many years of experience in the field of renewables, Linh supports the conceptualisation and structuring of cooperation and participation models. She is always in close contact with partners in order to harmonise ideas and requirements with a functioning cooperation and participation strategy. As an expert, Linh is particularly responsible for co-operations with partners for the planning, construction and operation of transformer stations in order to bundle the grid feed-in.

Jan Cremer

Senior Project Manager Cooperations & Business Development

  • About Jan

  • In addition to drafting offers and coordinating the purchase of project rights, Jan is responsible for developing innovative fields of activity, such as battery energy storage systems (BESS) and hydrogen, within BayWa r.e. Wind GmbH. Thanks to his many years of experience in the development of wind energy projects, he knows exactly what is important.

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