Optimisation and Repowering: How We Can Make Your Wind Turbines More Efficient

To overview

Performance optimisation of wind energy plants

Our e-ro program develops components as retrofit sets for existing and new rotor blades on wind turbines. These are designed to significantly improve aerodynamic efficiency and reduce noise. Integrating our retrofit sets results in a verifiable improvement in aerodynamic characteristics.

Existing rotor blades, particularly those that are earmarked for inspection and repairs following several years in use, should be upgraded through retrofitting. The result: the annual energy yield increases, and the conversion pays for itself after a very short time.

Fantastic improvements – even under low wind conditions

The components certified by the German Wind Energy Institute's (DEWI) OCC Offshore and Certification Centre are unique and offer fantastic improvements in performance, particularly in less than optimum locations, without having a negative effect on other wind turbine assemblies.

Repowering – fewer turbines, more performance, higher yield

Common wisdom says that to increase the yield of wind farms, old wind turbines must be replaced with modern, efficient units, or the wind farm must be expanded. But if space is at a premium, this is often not possible. Repowering – the modernisation of an existing wind farm – is an effective means of boosting both performance and yield.

Old wind turbines revamped

What exactly does repowering involve?  Your system is restructured and upgraded to the state of the art. We guarantee an improved performance – even under low wind conditions. To achieve this, BayWa r.e. works closely together with operators, landowners, communities, residents and investors.

Higher efficiency through teamwork

Optimising repowering potential – we know how

Through many years of experience in project development, and in the operation of our own wind farms, we are able to draw various interest groups together to find the most sustainable solution.

BayWa r.e.: At your side from initial design to commissioning

With our experience in repowering projects, we can take on a central role for you – as your competent partner for the entire range of services or standalone services. From technical engineering, evaluation and the approval process, through to the dismantling and commissioning of your new wind turbines. We provide you with everything from a single-source.

Repowering – thinking of tomorrow, today

With the right structure, all parties can benefit from repowering. BayWa r.e. is your reliable partner with the required know-how. Together with you, we develop the ideal solution and subsequently put it into practice.

Yield optimisation asap? A repowering project must be carefully planned in order to leverage its maximum potential. Get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can start planning.

Overview of our services

EvaluationEconomic and technical evaluation of the repowering potential, as well as identification of optimum timing for a repowering project.
InvestigationInvestigating and working on compliance with planning regulations with the appropriate authorities.
Information eventsOn-site information events, showing the benefits of repowering by means of visual presentation, visibility analyses and mediating where conflicts exist.
Project structuringProject structuring and engineering, from the evaluation of potential, land acquisition, technical engineering and the approval process, through to construction and commissioning.
ConstructionConstruction of new wind turbines and the required infrastructure.
Project supportComprehensive technical consulting and full project support.
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