Success Is Most Rewarding When It Is Shared

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New ideas for a new age

The wind energy sector in Germany is changing. Since the introduction of the latest Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2017), and therefore the introduction of tenders to determine funding sources for wind energy plants, the rules have changed enormously. Price and competitive pressure have increased, while the business of developing projects has also become even more complex and costly. However, the success enjoyed by renewable energies and their increasing competitiveness compared with conventional energy sources are also bringing new perspectives and opportunities.

Considering these market changes and challenges, having a good partner is the key to success.

At BayWa r.e., we are driven by maintaining and successfully supporting a healthy, diverse environment in the renewable energy sector. And this is reflected in our guiding principles: Success is most rewarding when it is shared.

We want to optimally enhance your skills and strengths with our new ideas and we want to strike the most suitable risk/cost balance for you. Our aim is always to ensure your projects are successful.

Success is most rewarding when it is shared

Attractive project cooperation.

Are you developing more projects than you can currently finance? 
As part of a cooperation, we will assume your on-going project development costs, therefore providing you with the necessary freedom and greatest level of flexibility possible. You can focus on the basics, while benefitting from our strengths.

More economical projects.

Do you have projects that are undergoing an approval procedure or have been approved but that are no longer profitable? Are the tendering outcomes lower than anticipated and did you expect more from your project economically? 

We can make your project successful once more by optimising the planning and grid connection stages to lower your investment costs, therefore allowing you to share in our excellent conditions of purchase.

Uncomplicated interim financing.

Would you like to start building a wind farm but do not yet have the financing in place? 

As a fully-owned subsidiary of the BayWa AG, we bring together financial strength, reliability and fairness – and these are all characteristics we want to share with you. Talk to us about interim financing at fair, cooperative conditions, and allow us to help you steer your project toward success.

A certain outcome.

Is the uncertainty of a tendering procedure too high for you? 
We can offer to take on your project in its entirety – regardless of its developmental phase. This allows you to withdraw from the project without risk and at economically attractive conditions.

    Jörg Penzlin
    Cooperations & Project Procurement
    BayWa r.e. Wind GmbH
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