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Your Full-Service Partner for the Turnkey Construction of Your Wind Farm

To overview

Flexibility, cost-efficiency and quality

Keeping a constant eye on your project’s success

BayWa r.e. is your competent partner and service provider when it comes to the turnkey construction of wind farms.  

We literally mean turnkey: BayWa r.e. provides all services from a single source and you can rest assured that your wind farm will be delivered exactly as per the costs, dates and quality specified.

Take advantage of our expertise and many years of experience. We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our services in person.

Every wind farm needs individual solutions

Our integrated execution planning is perfectly tailored to your site and your technical and financial requirements. We understand all variants and challenges associated with implementing a project, and approach them with expertise and careful planning. We synchronise all necessary elements, including road construction, foundations, cabling, and the construction of wind turbines or the transformer. Cost efficiency and quality are our highest priorities.

From the initial planning phase through to acceptance and subsequent operation, we set the standard for coordinating with all parties involved – including managing deadlines and costs. Naturally, we provide a full set of technical documents as standard as part of our services.

Grid connection optimisation – an underestimated potential for savings

To many project developers, the grid connection of a wind turbine only plays a secondary role. Yet it is precisely here that a project’s profitability can be significantly optimised: after all, the costs associated with grid connection make up an average of fifty percent of the total infrastructure investment costs.

When it comes to optimising the grid connection, many adjustments can be made. In addition to particular software and technical know-how, soft aspects also play a role:

  • Creativity in finding a solution
  • Tenacity  
  • Negotiating skills  

Our grid experts will not only prepare a well thought-out application for you, but also support you in examining and analysing the proposals submitted by the respective grid operator.

Let us work together to ensure your project is as profitable as possible.

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