Your Full-service Partner for the Turnkey Construction of Your Wind Farm

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Expertise, engineering and optimum site usage

We aim to optimise the utilisation of every site and ensure that all prerequisites for the construction of a wind farm are fulfilled. This goes to show that it is not just extensive experience which makes BayWa r.e. a highly capable service provider for turnkey wind projects. We are familiar with all eventualities and problems that can arise while managing a project and are equipped to deal with them using our expertise and effective planning.

Especially in view of the challenges posed by the new Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) 2017, where initial costs assume an even more important role, it is vital to act with foresight so projects are completed exactly on schedule. At the beginning of each project extensive checks are carried out to ensure all initial requirements are met, and the site utilised to best effect.

Turnkey construction: keeping a constant eye on your project's success

When we promise a turnkey project, that's exactly what we mean. BayWa r.e. takes care of the procurement and construction of your wind turbines.

Integrated engineering production information ensures optimum matching to site conditions, as well as meeting both technical and financial requirements. We procure individual elements such as the foundations, wiring, wind turbine and transformer, combining them into a perfectly integrated solution.

From initial design to the day of commissioning, we set the standard for meeting deadlines and managing costs. Naturally, BayWa r.e. provides a full set of technical documents as standard, according to our quality assurance policy.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you in person, to explain and demonstrate how you can benefit from our expertise in the realisation of your wind farm project.

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