Together for more climate resilience

    Harvesting the synergies of two sectors with Agri-PV: sustainable food and energy production on one piece of land

    Agri-PV is part of our DNA

    Agri-PV refers to a method of using the same piece of land for both agricultural production and, secondarily, the generation of solar power. It is a unique way of combining the production of food and energy.

    At BayWa r.e., the agriculture and energy sectors are part of our DNA. Our parent company, BayWa AG, deals in the three key segments of agriculture, energy and building materials across the world.

    As a global player, BayWa develops leading solutions and commercially successful projects to address the basic human needs of nutrition, energy and construction. As a subsidiary of BayWa AG, we are experts in our field with many years of experience in the planning, realisation and operational management of renewable energy projects for a range of applications. 

    Conserving natural resources and making sure there is fertile soil available for food production are especially important to us, which is evident in all our activities across multiple sectors.

    By working toward these goals we are supporting the survival of our domestic farming industry, and making it possible to pursue a combined strategy when it comes to adapting to the effects of climate change and reducing our impact on the environment.

    Through Agri-PV, we are encouraging the green energy transition and promoting general acceptance for greater use of renewable energies. This innovative approach allows agricultural areas to be used in two ways at once.

    Our Expertise

    When it comes to growing crops under the PV modules, we have the expertise you’re looking for. Thanks to our network of specialists within the company, you will benefit from our extensive knowledge and support in all subject areas – from plant physiology, the development of the Agri-PV system project and related planning, purchasing, financing and turnkey installation to the start-up and operational management of the system.

    • on questions relating to plant physiological aspects and the distribution of fruit products, please contact Mrs. Carolin Metzger, referee for Global Produce.
    • Agricultural machine technology in connection with Agri-PV
    • Planning and technical consulting
    • Reporting and analysis
    • Project development
    • Procurement via long-term partners
    • Turnkey construction
    • Financing
    • Direct marketing of electricity
    • Power purchase agreements (PPAs)
    • Commercial and technical operations management

    Our Agri-PV solution

    The benefits of cultivating your land beneath an Agri-PV system

    For special crops, transparent photovoltaic modules without frames are mounted above the crop rows, with each of our Agri-PV systems being perfectly adapted to the needs and special cultivation requirements of the crop in question.

    Compared with standard solar panels, these special panels do have a lower energy yield, but they guarantee an ideal, moderate amount of shade and offer maximum protection for the crops.

    The lower energy yield is partially compensated for by the cooling effect of the plant growth, because solar panels generate the greatest yield when the incident solar radiation is at a maximum and the ambient temperature is as low as possible.

    A well-designed substructure allows us to ensure that your cabling and irrigation system can be integrated into the installation easily and safely.  For a consultation regarding irrigation systems, please contact Matthias Kaiser, Head of Water Management Solutions.

    The benefits of an Agri-PV system on your farmland include:

    Protection for crops and increased climate resilience

    Severe or extreme weather phenomena, such as hail, storms, drought, heavy rainfall and heat waves, are becoming increasingly common.

    The rows of solar panels in our Agri-PV systems provide the best possible protection for your crops. Furthermore, the panel transparency is adapted to suit each crop and create the best possible conditions for growth.

    This can be especially helpful for crops that cannot tolerate direct sunlight. 

    A sustainable solution that saves time and money

    Climate change is leading to greater use of various systems in agriculture that protect the valuable plants from hail, rain or too much sun. Generally, these systems must be completely replaced every five to seven years. After high winds, for example, sheeting must be re-anchored or repaired.

    This can be expensive and time-consuming work for farmers. Agri-PV completely replaces short-lived materials and essentially offers the same benefits as conventional hail or rain protection systems but with a longer service life. Agri-PV systems also allow farmers to cut down on the costs of insurance against hail.

    Reduced leaf wetness periods and improved ventilation 

    Semi-enclosed Agri-PV systems make it possible to cultivate plants with shorter leaf wetness phases and provide better ventilation for your rows of crops. Initial results from our pilot installations in raspberry and strawberry fields have shown that these systems reduce the use of pesticides and thereby improve biodiversity in the fields.

    We are currently testing whether this beneficial effect can be carried over to other types of berries. 

    Saved water

    Underneath an Agri-PV system, you can supply your crops with just the amount of water they need. The moderate shade provided by the panels helps to prevent the evaporation of water from the soil and reduces transpiration in the plants.

    Since water consumption can be very high in the agricultural sector, depending on the crop, the Agri-PV systems offer significant added value in regions of low water availability or high levels of sunlight by helping to save on water.

    Crops that are easier to harvest

    Because of the shade and the improved ventilation, the temperature beneath an Agri-PV system is lower than under conventional protective systems. This makes it possible to optimise crop management and create a more comfortable atmosphere for harvesting.

    At the same time, farmers have the option of extending the growing period of regional products and thereby lengthening their presence on the market. 

    Do you own a suitable piece of land?

    We are interested in

    Lands used for the cultivation of perennial or special crops such as fruit, including grapes for wine, in which the cultivation system can be replaced with innovative Agri-PV solutions. (Minimum area: approx. 3 ha.)

    You benefit from lower investment, maintenance and operating costs while reducing the short-lived materials used for crop protection! At the same time, we are offering you, as a farmer, the opportunity to become a co-investor and therefore co-owner of the Agri-PV system, which will allow you to diversify and stabilise your income through the sale of green electricity.   

    Our top priority

    Every project that we implement should provide added value for you as a farmer and generate a financial return.

    Would you like to get the maximum benefit from your Agri-PV system and use the generated power yourself? We look forward to discussing the details no matter what type of partnership you prefer, whether an investor, leasing or licensing model. Get in touch with us!


    Farmers can make a major contribution to boosting the level of sustainability by enabling a twofold harvest on their fields.

    Stephan Schindele, Head of Agri-PV at BayWa r.e.

    Do you have further questions about our Agri-PV solution?

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