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A Selection of our Projects in Germany

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  • ZIMMERMANN PV-Stahlbau

    By installing a holistic energy solution, BayWa r.e. is supporting ZIMMERMANN PV-Stahlbau GmbH & Co. KG in achieving its sustainability goals.

    The company's headquarters is equipped with building-integrated photovoltaics, eMobility charging stations (8 AC charging points plus hyper-charger), a rooftop installation as well as a battery storage system. 

    In addition, various installations for energy generation were built. By using the energy generated here in a renewable way, a sustainable supply of the site and the eco-friendly charging of the electric vehicle fleet is made possible.

    Eight AC charging points with a total charging capacity of 154 kW were installed for charging electrically powered vehicles. In addition, fast charging is possible with a direct DC Hypercharger with an output of up to 150 kW. A potential expansion of the charging stations is also possible in the future due to the flexible design. 

    The generated energy exceeds the company's own energy demand. Therefore, a battery storage system is used to optimise self-consumption. Surpluses can be fed into the grid. In addition, the battery storage supports the charging of the electric vehicles by providing a high charging power.

    An intelligent energy management system (EMS) is connected to a complex measuring system to record all energy flows at the site. It regulates the interaction of the components and ensures grid-compliant operation of the energy solution. 

    The BayWa r.e. team assumes that intelligent energy management in conjunction with battery storage systems will play a central role in the growth market for charging infrastructures. This project, with a battery storage system and an innovatively deployed EMS  connecting different charging solutions provides valuable insights in this regard.

    LocationOberessendorf, Germany
    Installed capacity814 kWp

    For more information about what we offer in Germany please click here. We also offer holistic energy solutions for you and your company on a global level. Find out more about our Energy Solutions and our global Case studies.  

  • Barth I - VI

    With Barth V, BayWa r.e. commissioned Germany's first subsidy-free solar park in 2019.

    BayWa r.e. has already built one of the largest solar parks in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with the three construction phases Barth I-III - the total output is around 50 MWp. Barth IV-VI followed in 2019 with a further 18.7 MWp, including Barth V, Germany's first subsidy-free solar park with 8.8 MWp. The airport is able to cover all of its operational costs through the rental income from the 80 hectares of land. This project generates enough electricity to cover the needs of over 21,000 average German households.

    LocationAirport Strahlsund-Barth, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
    Installed capacity68,7 MWp
    Connection to the gridBetween december 2012 and october 2019
    ModulesFixed tilt
    Type of installationGround-mounted
    Our RoleDevelopment, EPC, Operation and Maintenance
  • Bedesbach

    The Bedesbach wind farm shows that wind energy and nature conservation go hand in hand.

    For the Bedesbach wind farm, five wind turbines with a total output of 17.25 MW were constructed and successfully put into operation at the end of 2019. As a result of the reforestation with native, locally appropriate deciduous tree species and the replacement of coniferous populations with mixed populations rich in deciduous trees, the entire area ultimately has almost 3 ha more valuable forest than before. With this, BayWa r.e. has emphatically demonstrated how wind energy and nature conservation go hand in hand.

    LocationBedesbach, Rheinland-Pfalz
    Capacity17,25 MW
    Type of wind turbinesVestas
    Number of wind turbines5
    Mast heigh149m
  • Freimersheim

    There was a premiere for the construction of the Freimersheim wind farm, in which electric excavators were used for the first time.

    For the construction of the Freimersheim wind farm, electrically powered construction machines such as electric excavators were used for the first time. At 2.5 times the efficiency of the diesel engine, the electric drive saves a significant amount of resources, especially since it is only active when the operator is actually working with the excavator. Calculated over its entire service life of 10,000 operating hours, the 7 t electric excavator generates 86% less CO2 emissions, saving 170 t of CO2. The excavator is also up to 10 decibels quieter than a diesel vehicle.

    CommissioningQ3 2022
    LocationFreimersheim, Alzey, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland
    Capacity18 MW
    Type of wind turbinesVestas V136
    Number of wind turbines5
    Mast heigh149m
  • Gelsdorf

    The first agri-photovoltaic pilot project on an apple orchard in Germany is located in Gelsdorf.

    This project was created in early 2021 about 60 km south of Cologne on the Nachtwey organic fruit farm. Together with Fraunhofer ISE, BayWa r.e. was responsible for developing the Agri-PV system design as well as for implementation and construction management. 

    Different module designs are tested here side by side for their suitability for eight different apple varieties. The solar power produced is, among other things, used for the electric tractor on site and operates the electric pump of the irrigation system, which replaces a diesel generator.

    LocationGelsdorf, Rhineland-Palatinate
    Installed capacity300 kWp
    Connection to the gridMay 2021
    Moduleszebra design: fixed tilt, block design: fixed tilt, block design: tracker
    Type of installationAgri-PV
    Our RolePV Module design, Plant design, Electrical engineering and EPC
  • Heggelbach

    The agri-photovoltaic system at the farming community Heggelbach was built in 2016 as a research project and has an output of 194 kWp.

    In addition to BayWa r.e., other institutions and companies such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE were involved in the research project funded by the German government. The innovative solution increased the land use efficiency on the test area by more than 60%. In order to increase the self-consumption share of the solar power generated, a battery with a storage capacity of 150 kWh was also installed.

    LocationHeggelbach, Herdwangen-Schönach, Lake Constance
    Installed capacity194 kWp
    Connection to the gridSeptember 2016
    ModulesFixed tilt, bifacial
    Type of installationAgri-PV
    Our RolePlant design, electrical engineering and EPC coordination
  • Immenberg

    The Immenberg wind farm, operated by a community energy company, has a total output of 28.8 MW.

    In the Immenberg wind farm repowering project, BayWa r.e. replaced eight old wind turbines with an equal number of new N117 turbines offering a total output of 28.8 MW. This means that the installed capacity in the wind farm has more than doubled. The Immenberg wind farm is also operated by a community-owned energy company. BayWa r.e. is thus affirming its commitment to involving citizens and local communities in projects as active players in the energy transition while attaching great importance to creating added value for the region in the development of wind projects. 

    CommissioningQ2 2021
    LocationGemeinde Uetze, Nähe von Hannover
    Capacity28,8 MW
    Type of wind turbinesN117
    Number of wind turbines8
    Mast heigh141m
    Total heigh(not provided)
  • Obernwohlde

    The Obernwohlde wind farm is one of the largest wind farms built by BayWa r.e. and includes twenty wind turbines.

    With a total capacity of 61 MW, the Obernwohlde wind farm and its twenty wind turbines northwest of Lübeck is one of the largest wind farms ever implemented by the BayWa r.e. Group. After nine years of project development and a relatively short construction period, the wind farm was fully put into operation in the summer of 2017. BayWa r.e. sold the entire plant to the Swiss investor SUSI Renewable Energy Fund II but is still responsible for its commercial and technical operations management as well as the direct marketing of the clean energy. 

    LocationObernwohlde, Nähe von Lübeck
    Capacity61 MW
    Type of wind turbinesEnercon101
    Number of wind turbines20
    Mast heigh99m
  • Schönberg

    The Schönberg wind farm is BayWa r.e.'s first repowering project. in Germany.

    With the first repowering project in Germany, the Schönberg wind farm in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, BayWa r.e. has successfully broken new ground in a number of areas. Ten Enercon turbines with a total output of 23.5 MW have been in operation since the end of 2019. The Schönberg wind farm, which was sold to a community-owned energy company, is the first project in the state under the community shared ownership and benefit law in force in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

    LocationSchönberg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
    Capacity23,5 MW
    Type of wind turbinesEnercon E92
    Number of wind turbines10
    Mast heigh138m
  • Seifertshofen

    The solar park in Seifertshofen generates enough electricity to supply 2,290 average German households with green energy.

    In addition to the generation of environmentally friendly energy, special focus was placed on the promotion of biodiversity in this solar park. The green areas are extensively managed and mainly grazed by sheep. Among other things, the creation of wide sunny areas, flower strips and lizard hotels has created new habitats for various species in this solar park.

    LocationSeifertshofen, Bavaria
    Installed capacity6,5 MWp
    Connection to the gridAugust 2019
    ModulesFixed tilt
    Type of installationGround-mounted
    Our RoleDevelopment, EPC, Operation and Maintenance
  • Wilhelmshöhe

    A great example of successful recycling and sustainable use of the individual parts of a wind turbine is the wind farm Wilhelmshöhe.

    The Wilhelmshöhe wind farm in Lower Saxony is not only another successful repowering project, but also an example of successful recycling and the sustainable use of valuable components and raw materials. At the Wilhelmshöhe wind farm, practically all the individual parts of the twelve old Südwind S70 wind turbines were put to a new use. For example, the foundations of the old turbines were demolished, crushed and recycled on site for the routes of the new wind farm, which consists of eight turbines. Eleven of the old wind turbines were sold and reinstalled in Macedonia, where they continue to operate and produce clean energy. The twelfth turbine was completely dismantled and delivered to various recycling channels. The rotor blades of this turbine were recycled and reused as “green” cement. 

    The Wilhelmshöhe wind farm is thus a good example of sustainability in practice – a topic that BayWa r.e. is deeply engaged with in many ways.

    LocationGemeinde Uetze, Nähe von Hannover
    Type of wind turbinesNordex Delta4000 N149
    Number of wind turbines8
    Mast heigh105m
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