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Tailor-made, Self-generation Solutions for Businesses

Generate power for your own consumption

To overview

BayWa r.e. is the leading provider of holistic energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. We offer a variety of options, ranging from photovoltaic and eMobility solutions through to energy management systems. Whichever focus you prefer, we are your go-to partner if you want to supply your business with sustainable energy. Now is the time to take the first step towards fulfilling your own energy needs!

Cut energy costs – operate sustainably

Our highly experienced Energy Solutions team offer businesses the following benefits:

  • Independence: our photovoltaic systems allow clients to produce their own clean energy and gain independence from the electricity market.
  • Profitability: our intelligent energy solutions reduce electricity costs and make a cash saving.
  • Future-orientation: our eMobility solutions help organisations to futureproof their vehicle fleets.
  • Sustainability: we assist reducing carbon footprint and achieving sustainability goals.
  • Custom solutions: whether it’s a bespoke solution to meet your needs and requirements or an integrated energy solution, we will work in partnership to move your business forward.

Our photovoltaic self-consumption solutions help organisations achieve energy self-sufficiency

Companies all over the world are reaping the rewards of generating their own green energy and no longer being dependent on the volatility of the electricity market. BayWa r.e. tailor-makes photovoltaic solutions so that businesses can control their own energy costs. The benefits include:

  • Producing your own green energy and using it immediately to power your operations
  • Storing any excess energy in one of our battery storage systems, and using the stored energy to top up your power at times of high demand
  • Feeding your excess power is into the public grid, and receiving payment for this power at pre-determined rates


This means that with our energy solutions, your business will not only achieve energy independence, but it will also generate income at the same time due to the payments received for feeding into the grid. 

How to use photovoltaic solutions for your business

Here at BayWa r.e., we are experts in providing energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. That’s why we tailor each PV system to the specific needs of our customers. We have particular expertise in the area of energy solutions for medium to large (industrial) businesses and international corporations with multiple sites.

If you have high levels of energy consumption and want an energy supply that is economical and cost-effective, we offer the following options:

  • PV Roof-top Installations

    During the course of a new building project or the retrofitting of PV panels, we look after the installation of your PV system and take the on-site requirements into account. This means that you can easily arrange for a solar installation to be fitted on the roof of your building. 

  • Solar Carports

    Solar carports are particularly useful when combined with charging stations for electric cars or other eMobility solutions.

  • Ground-mounted

    Here, the PV system is installed on unused land rather than on a building. 

  • Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

    Corporate PPAs provide a commercial structure for securing a fixed price in the face of rising electricity costs. They can give businesses access to renewable power at competitive prices. 

  • Floating-PV

    A floating solar farm that is installed on an unused body of water and that can generate green energy for your business. 

Thanks to our bespoke energy solutions, we can help any business to achieve its sustainability goals and reduce its energy costs. We focus on providing holistic support – from advising our customers about and designing energy solutions, right through to the specifics of implementation, installation and maintenance. 

We also offer a range of financing options and PV investments, such as PV leasing and PPAs. We are always happy to tailor these options to your company’s specific requirements.

Switch to eMobility with BayWa r.e.

Our eMobility solutions help to lay the foundations for building a fleet of electric vehicles. We offer:

  • Installation and maintenance of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Management of associated infrastructure
  • Billing and support services
  • This includes selecting suitable charging stations, the right invoicing concept, the management of the charging infrastructure and an extensive customer service package for your eMobility solution

Intrigued? For more information about all aspects of eMobility, please do get in touch with us.

Build your business sustainably

Nowadays, businesses have a particular obligation to get behind the green energy revolution. BayWa r.e. is the right choice of partner on this journey. Our energy solutions help you to operate sustainably and to shrink your carbon footprint. Set yourself new sustainability goals – and we will help you to achieve them. Switching your business over to green energy brings multiple benefits at the same time:

  • You are making your business sustainable
  • Your sustainable business policies have a positive impact on your corporate image
  • Your use of green electricity for your own consumption will increase your company’s energy independence

FAQs about our Energy Solutions

  • How can the power from renewable energy be stored?

    For a long time, storing solar power was not possible – or very difficult. This was one of the main arguments made against photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our storage facilities enable you to reliably store the power you have generated, which in turn makes your business more independent and improves the profitability of your PV system.

  • How long does it take for a photovoltaic system to pay for itself?

    There are savings in comparison to drawing energy from the grid. Taking into account self-consumption optimisation, the amortisation period can be very attractive for businesses.

  • What is a Power Purchase Agreement?

    A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an agreement between someone who generates electricity and someone who purchases it. With BayWa r.e., you can invest in a turnkey solar farm, for example, and use the power yourself.


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