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Repowering – Fewer Turbines, More Performance, Higher Yield

To overview

EEG feed-in tariffs are coming to an end after 20 years. Many operators ask themselves what happens next for their wind farm. Is continued operation possible without secured feed-in tariffs? Or is it possible to successfully repower the existing wind farm site, i.e. to replace the existing wind turbines with new, significantly more powerful ones?

Whatever you decide, BayWa r.e. is your experienced, competent partner

Individual repowering solutions

As an experienced project developer and operator of our own wind turbines, we are very familiar with all aspects of repowering. Together with the stakeholders and interest groups involved, we develop individual solutions from which everyone can benefit.

BayWa r.e. provides all services from a single source:

Investigation and evaluationCareful investigation and evaluation of all planning, economic and technical aspects of repowering, including determining optimum timing.
Project developmentComplete development of the new wind energy project, from planning, securing land and the approval procedure to participating in the tender.
Communication and participationOngoing information and on-site communication, and development of suitable participation models for the new wind energy project.
Continued operation until dismantlingAs an experienced operator of wind farms with our own service teams and competent energy marketing, we provide all expertise in-house to ensure the continued operation of your wind farm – even once the EEG term comes to an end and until repowering.
Dismantling existing wind farmsComplete and timely dismantling of existing wind turbines and any infrastructure no longer required in the course of repowering and, if necessary, marketing of the old wind turbines.
Turnkey constructionTurnkey construction of the new wind farm as well as commercial and technical operations management.

Repowering – thinking of tomorrow, today

The earlier you start designing a repowering project, the easier it is for us to work together to develop bespoke solutions adapted to individual needs.

The range of solutions offered by BayWa r.e. extends from supporting individual stages within repowering projects through to completely taking over the existing project, including all yield, operating and marketing risks. You always have the opportunity to participate financially in the repowering project once again.

Simply get in touch with us!

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