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BayWa r.e. – Your Partner for Balancing Energy Trading

Stabilise the electricity grid and generate more profit

To overview

Balancing energy from renewable energy plants and CHP units

Renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar energy, do not produce a consistent level of power, and this results in fluctuations in the electricity grid. Flexible energy sources, however, can balance out these fluctuations and stabilise the electricity grid.

We help you to extract profit from your controllable renewable energy plants and CHP units. After all, controllable plants are very well-suited to offering balancing energy and thus to generating additional revenue. 

We place the plant capacity you provide in the auctions on the control power market and later on the standard labour market. Here the plant capacity is put out to tender and awarded for 6 time slices of 4 hours each. In this way, you can benefit from the willingness to provide regular services as well as from the actual provision via the two auctions. 

Higher profitability for controllable plants – irrespective of the volume

In order to participate in the balancing energy market, a minimum output of 1 MW controllable power is required, although this can also be supplied by a pool of decentralised units. The only prerequisite here is that the pool and the plants within it have successfully completed the pre-qualification procedure to prove their technical suitability. 

We are at an advantage because we have had a pool of these plants available since 2012. We now use our virtual power plant to trade the services of flexible producers and consumers across all four of Germany’s balancing zones. In this way, we enable even small plants to participate in the balancing energy market.

Balancing energy from standby power systems

Standby power systems supply electricity for their operators if the supply from the public electricity grid ceases. In Germany, the power supply is very reliable, which means that standby power systems generally tend to go unused. 

Yet these plants can serve a greater purpose than to merely supply power in emergencies. They offer valuable flexibility, which is important for the success of the energy revolution, while at the same time providing plant operators with attractive additional revenue. 

Establishing a connection to our virtual power plant enables us to awake your standby power system from its deep sleep so that it can become an active player on the market. 

In this way, even businesses can participate in the balancing energy markets and can thus reduce their energy costs. 

As a standby power system operator, you are remunerated for simply providing flexibility. If the grid does need power, the grid operator will then pay the energy price that has been offered to you in addition.

Balancing energy trading – an overview of our services:

  • Testing the technical suitability of your plant with regard to the supply and provision of balancing energy
  • Provision (on loan) of communications devices, mostly free of charge
  • Support with installing the balancing energy boxes (undertaken by external service providers)
  • Handling the pre-qualification procedure
  • Performing daily analyses of market data and putting together packages for auction
  • Provision of balancing energy via remote control
  • Monitoring the plants via our Trading & Operations Cockpit
  • Monthly marketing report and transparent invoicing, without any hidden costs or reductions in remuneration
  • Management of the balancing group
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