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Lease your Land and Secure a Second Source of Income

Secure additional income without further effort by leasing your open spaces for photovoltaics

To overview

Leasing of unused land and bodies of water 

Whether it’s farmland, fallow land or land previously dedicated to industrial or military use, your spare land can be used to build solar parks. If you have unused, artificial bodies of water, you can also lease those to us for the construction of Floating-PV. With the installation of Agri-PV (Agrivoltaics: food and clean energy from one area) and Floating-PV, you can help alleviate the conflict over land use and contribute to the success of the green energy revolution. A leasing contract with a minimum term of 20 years allows you to benefit from secure rental payments without making any investment yourself.

BayWa r.e. will undertake all activities that follow the lease agreement: from the project development to the construction, commissioning and maintenance of the solar plant. That means we also bear all of the associated risk.


    For more than 10 years we have been receiving a fixed land lease on a quarterly basis. For us, this is the optimal solution - making profits without risking investments.

    Silvia and Albert Meindl, owners of the area of the solar park in Feichten

    We are interested in:

    • EEG properties for plants of up to 20 MW (approx. 20 hectares)
    • Land with a minimum area of 10 ha for market-driven projects
    • Artificial, unused bodies of water (e.g., decommissioned brown coal and sand quarries, artificial reservoirs) with a minimum area of approx. 10 ha
    • Lands used for the cultivation of special crops such as fruits, berries and wine in which the cultivation system can be replaced with an innovative Agri-PV solution (minimum area: approx. 10 ha)

    Benefits of renting out your land

    • You benefit from a fixed lease payment for at least 20 years.
    • Taking over green maintenance on your land can become an additional source of income for you.
    • In the case of Agri-PV: additional benefit when combined with growing crops, since the Agri-PV solution offers protection against hail, rain and sunburn.
    • With Floating-PV: unused artificial water areas can generate additional revenue.
    • We offer a comprehensive solution: from the rental agreement to the planning, installation and commissioning of the system and its maintenance.
    Stralsund-Barth Airport

    Leasing our premises to build the solar park has turned the airport into a cost-neutral facility and, for the first time, put us well into the black.

    Jan Hufnagel, Managing Director, Stralsund-Barth Airport

    From Leipzig to Freiburg – we’re just around the corner!

    Photovoltaic project development for Germany is managed primarily from our headquarters in Munich, as well as our regional offices in Freiburg, Mainz, Leipzig and Hamburg. However, we also have project development departments in Berlin and Braunschweig. Furthermore, we have a network of local project acquisition agents throughout Germany. We can therefore guarantee that you will always have an expert point of contact at your side who is familiar with the local circumstances and can give you the best advice. If you have a project in mind or already own rights to property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just around the corner.

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