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Secure additional Income

Lease out land for solar energy

To overview

Are you looking for an easy way to generate additional income from your property?

Together with you, we use your land for the construction and operation of a solar system. The best thing about it: We provide all services from project development and construction to commissioning and maintenance. Thus, the entrepreneurial risk is also entirely ours. You benefit on a long-term basis from additional income from leasing out your land without any additional investment.
And: You make a valuable contribution to the energy transition!

We will be happy to check whether your land is suitable. Free of charge and without any obligation.

    The advantages for you

    Secure income without risk

    We lease your land for at least 20 years. This guarantees you attractive income and stable returns over decades - without any effort or additional costs for you.

    All-round carefree package

    We take care of all services, from planning to maintenance, and are your reliable partner on an equal footing for the entire duration of the project.

    Attractive investment models

    If desired, you can take over the horticultural maintenance of the area yourself and benefit from additional income. We would also be happy to talk to you about options for your participation in the solar park. A win-win situation for all sides!

    Contribution to climate and species protection

    Solar parks are a central component of the energy transition. Not only do they protect the climate, but they also help the soil recover and provide shade for animals and plants. In this way, they make an important contribution to biodiversity.


    The cooperation with BayWa r.e. as a project partner always went flawlessly. There was always a contact person with whom questions could be resolved quickly and reliably. I’m happy that my land is now being used for renewables - and that I still play an important role in looking after it!

    Andreas Schöne, landowner and responsible for the green space maintenance within the Bad Liebenwerda solar park

    Video: How our solar park is created

    We are interested in

    Land of at least 10 hectares

    Land of at least 10 hectares for market-driven projects.

    Artificial, unused water areas

    For example, decommissioned lignite and sand pits or reservoirs measuring approx. 10 hectares or more.

    Areas for multiple use, Agri-PV

    Farmland and permanent green areas measuring 40 hectares or more.

    Let’s work together!

    At BayWa r.e., we don’t just talk about the energy transition, we actively shape it together with you. As one of the leading developers of renewable energy projects, we rethink energy every day. Our cooperative roots drive us to develop the best possible concepts together with our partners on an equal footing.

    Solar projects in Germany

    Implemented projects

    We have received fixed quarterly land rent for over ten years. For us it is the optimal solution – making profits without risking investments.

    Silvia and Albert Meindl, owners of the area of the solar park in Feichten

    Our reference projects

    From Leipzig to Freiburg – we’re just around the corner!

    Photovoltaic project development for Germany is managed primarily from our headquarters in Munich, as well as our regional offices in Freiburg, Mainz, Leipzig and Hamburg. However, we also have project development departments in Berlin and Braunschweig. Furthermore, we have a network of local project acquisition agents throughout Germany. We can therefore guarantee that you will always have an expert point of contact at your side who is familiar with the local circumstances and can give you the best advice. If you have a project in mind or already own rights to property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re just around the corner.


    • What happens to the PV system after the operating period?

      As the leaseholder of the land or as the plant operator, we are contractually obliged to dismantle the plant after the end of operation. 

    • How long is the lifespan of the solar park?

      A ground-mounted PV system can currently be utilised for at least 25 years. The length of the utilisation period is contractually agreed between the landowner and us.

    • Who bears the risk if the PV system breaks down?

      As the operator, we are liable for any risks. There are no costs for you as the landowner.

    • How does the approval process for a PV system work?

      The competent local municipality decides on the ground-mounted PV system by means of a resolution as part of an land-use planning procedure. It is then approved by the next higher planning level depending on state law. During the process, citizens, associations, and relevant specialist authorities – so-called public interest bodies – can introduce their objections, concerns, and change requests to the planning process.

      Since the end of 2022, so-called “privileged areas”, which are located in a 200-metre-wide corridor on both sides of railways and motorways, can receive approval for a solar park even without a land-use planning procedure.

    • How long does it take from the planning to the completion of a solar park?

      On average, between three and five years, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The project development phase takes the longest. Once the authorisation procedure has been completed, the construction of the PV system usually only takes a few months.

    • How is the electricity generated by the PV system fed into the public grid?

      We take over the planning and implementation of the cable route including the transfer station up to the final grid feed-in point. Together with the responsible grid operator, we take care of finding the most favourable feed-in point into the public grid.

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