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Lease your Land and Become an Energy Producer

To overview

As an owner, do you want to make the most of the land you own? By leasing your agricultural or forestry land for wind energy projects, you can easily secure a second income stream. It is also possible to lease fallow or conversion land. BayWa r.e. is your reliable partner for quickly implementing wind energy projects.

From farming to energy generation thanks to land leasing

Is my land suitable?

Whether a site is suitable for a wind farm depends on a number of factors. Is the site in question located in an area already designated in the regional or area utilisation plan as a wind farm development area, or is it suitable to be designated as such? How far is it to the nearest residential development and what needs to be considered when it comes to nature conservation?

We would be happy to evaluate your land and answer any questions you may have. Simply send us details of your land – the more detailed, the better. You will find the right contact using our Postcode Finder.

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