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White-label Products

Take advantage of our know-how in the fields of direct marketing and PPA

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White-label service for direct marketing

Public utility companies and regional suppliers are characterised by their proximity to local customers. Regional producers of renewable electricity can thus be made accessible for direct marketing in their traditional supply area. However, the lucrative processing of market premiums requires large marketing volumes in the balancing group, as well as a high degree of automation in marketing. As a long-standing direct marketer and full-service provider, BayWa r.e. can support public utility companies to successfully implement direct marketing in a variety of ways without appearing externally. 

An overview of our services:

  • Direct marketing of fluctuating energy sources (wind and solar)
  • Direct marketing of continuous generation plants (CHP and combined heat and power plants)
  • Control energy marketing of CHP and combined heat and power plants of public utility companies/energy suppliers 
  • Flexible market access to the most important European spot trading markets
  • 24/7 trading desk
  • REMIT messages for trading activities on your behalf

White-label services for the continued operation of renewable energy plants that are no longer subsidised under power purchase agreements

As an experienced marketer of electricity from renewable energy, we are happy to support you in the continued operation of plants that are no longer subsidised. Whether it is the marketing of your own assets or of existing plants on site – we secure the economic future of your plants with multi-year power purchase agreements (PPAs).  

Electricity generated under a PPA retains its green electricity character, in contrast to marketing via market premium. Guarantees of origin from this marketing can be used to supply green electricity from traceable sources. 

An overview of our services:

  • PPAs for the continued operation of wind energy and photovoltaic systems
  • Medium and long-term PPAs to finance greenfield projects
  • Supply of green electricity from traceable sources for public utility companies/energy suppliers under PPAs
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