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BayWa r.e. and PowerHub agree on a partnership

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BayWa r.e., global renewable energy developer, service provider and wholesaler, has teamed up with asset intelligence company PowerHub, to develop a new intelligent cloud-based platform that will provide clients with a 360-degree and near real-time view of managed renewable energy assets.

The new bespoke centralised system will give clients   easy access and complete visibility of key operations and financial information, together with performance data. The intelligent platform also enhances operations management efficiency through the automation of workflows, reporting, document and task management, and ticketing.    

Tobias Bittkau, Global Head of BayWa r.e. Services, commented: “Our partnership with PowerHub will result in an extremely powerful tool which has transparency at its heart. It will give our clients near real-time access to a large amount of valuable operations and performance data, which can be quickly accessed and easily understood. Applied across asset portfolios, it will take operational KPI tracking and visibility to a new level.

More than this, through the automation of workflows, reporting, task management and ticketing, it enhances operation efficiency and allows us to deliver an ever increasing valued-add service to clients.”   

No matter where an asset is located, or which type of renewable energy source is being managed, the cloud- based system will ensure efficient documentation, consistent reporting, and complete visibility of individual assets and portfolios. 

PowerHub’s CEO, Etienne Lecompte, adds: “Greater digitalisation and the use of big data can offer huge benefits, but only through carefully considered and practical applications that address genuine needs. This is exactly what we are achieving in developing this platform with BayWa r.e.

It will bring together key data and a wealth of information, from multiple sources, via a readily accessible and easy to use cloud-based tool.  With the addition of automated workflows and reporting, it results in an interconnected and transparent system that delivers enhanced services and efficiency for BayWa r.e.’s clients.”

Rollout of the new platform will begin during the second half of 2018. 


PowerHub was founded in 2011 to help asset managers centralize and streamline project and portfolio information so that they could work smarter. PowerHub has now grown to a team of 45 experts helping clients manage over 9 GW of projects in 18 countries. PowerHub unlocks efficiencies, capabilities, and insights for better business growth. For more information, visit:

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Mark Cooper
Corporate Communications
BayWa r.e. AG
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