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BayWa r.e. is awarded the “ok-power-plus” quality seal

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BayWa r.e. starts the new year with another award: As only one of two companies in Germany, the green energy provider was awarded the new “ok-power-plus” quality seal by the EnergieVision e.V. association.

The extended seal of the consumer protection organisation, which is funded by the Öko-Institut, Freiburg and HIR Hamburg Institut Research GmbH, honours BayWa r.e. in two different ways: They received an award for the “r.e.mix Ökostrom” and “BayWa Ökostrom” tariffs which both

supply energy that is 100 percent renewable. In addition, the seals certifies that the company BayWa r.e. is particularly committed to the energy transition in Germany as all customers are exclusively supplied with green electricity.

Jens Eberlein, Chief Executive of BayWa r.e. Green Energy Products GmbH, explains: “Being awarded the “ok-power-plus” quality Seal shows once more that sustainability is not just an empty word for us, but that we fulfil our responsibility as a renewable energy company. We are particularly proud of receiving the award for our r.e.mix Ökostrom product. We are the first green energy provider in Germany to offer our customers the option to fully customise their tariff from 100 percent German green energy with their preferred combination of water, wind and solar energy.”

The “ok-power-plus” certificate for BayWa r.e. is valid from 1 January until 31 December 2017. It is a combination of a product seal and a provider seal and is only awarded to green energy providers who do not hold any shares in conventional energy sources, supply their SLP customers (private households and small companies) with certified green electricity at consumer-friendly terms only and who have committed themselves to an ambitious development of renewable energies. EnergieVision e.V. has been campaigning for the independent and transparent identification of sustainable green electricity supplies for the past 15 years by awarding the “ok-power” quality seal. With their new, expanded award, the initiators are increasing their campaign for transparency and enhancing protection for consumers and the environment in the energy sector.

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Felix Gmelin
Communication Manager
BayWa r.e. AG
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