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New novotegra mounting systems for green and gravel roofs

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novotegra GmbH, an independent subsidiary of BayWa r.e., is acquiring PV Integ, a Swiss mounting systems manufacturer based in Ebikon, near Lucerne. The acquisition will add a key new technology to the company’s product range.

PV Integ specialises in the development and sale of mounting systems for green and gravel-topped roofs. This makes it a valuable addition to novotegra GmbH, whose product range already covers mounting systems for a wide range of both pitched and flat roofs. The acquisition will enable the company, which has been operating as an independent subsidiary of BayWa r.e. since the start of this year, to further strengthen its position as a leading manufacturer of mounting systems for the European market. 

With the new additions to its product range, novotegra will now be able to serve a number of new potential applications, especially in the increasingly popular field of solar installations for green roofs. The acquisition will also enable the use of innovative materials. PV Integ’s mounting systems are made almost entirely using recycled plastic and are produced exclusively within Europe in accordance with strict quality criteria. This underline’s the company’s commitment to sustainability. 

The mounting systems have proven their capabilities in over ten years on the market, especially among Swiss customers. They offer quick and easy assembly combined with high standards of safety. 

“Following the foundation of novotegra GmbH at the start of this year, our acquisition of PV Integ AG represents another important step on the way to strengthening our position in the European market, and to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of products,” remarked Frank Jessel, Global Director of Solar Trade at BayWa r.e. “PV Integ aligns perfectly with our corporate culture and our commitment to providing our customers with innovative, high-quality, sustainable solutions. 

“We are especially pleased to have been able to add a green-roof solution to our portfolio, as this is an area that is becoming increasingly important. This puts us in an excellent position to proactively push forward with the internationalisation and the further expansion of our mounting system business.” 

David Meyer, former CEO of PV Integ AG, added: “I have been working with Solarmarkt GmbH in Switzerland for over ten years, and have always valued BayWa r.e.’s commitment to quality. It was for this reason that I wanted to partner with BayWa r.e., the parent company of novotegra GmbH and Solarmarkt GmbH, for the acquisition and continuation of my company.”

David Meyer will now work with Thomas Pfaff and Michael Harre – both managing directors of novotegra GmbH – and Rafael Stadelmann, managing director of Solarmarkt GmbH, to develop PV Integ AG’s existing business further and expand it into the international market. 

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Karin Kreuzer
Global Communications Manager
BayWa r.e. AG
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